3/8M current tier multispec raider LF a guild to call home

Currently playing druid resto/balance but can also play guardian and feral if needed.

Got 3/8M this tier and looking for a home to continue progression raiding in.

Happy to play druid at 413 ilvl currently or I do have a hunter that isn’t too far behind in gear at 410, also got a warr at 490 all 3 have 4 set and a DH at 70 that I can powergear asap if needed.

Feel free to add me on discord Jerky#5880 or btag fenrir#1833 to discuss anything further (discord will get you a faster response since I have it on my phone)

Druid is 411, Hunter is 406 both with 4 set now. Warr is 390 with 4 set too if needed

413 for druid and 410 for hunter, still looking.

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