4 specced classes

I saw some posts prior to the one i am making now abot 4 specs for a class.

Like a 2h earth shaman that could tank.
Old ranged survival hunter.
The old metamorf warlocks.
Druid already has 4 specs.

I am just putting this up because i let my sub run out because i got bored with the game especially with alts, making it a full time job just to gear them.

The most fun in the game was playing alts for me and have some fun in pvp after.
SL made this kinda impossible because the wod gearing they promised never happened.
They could make the game so much better just reading some posts of other players, not the nerf whiner posts tho because those are quite useless xD

So iff other players have some ideas to other classes how they could make the 4th specs work would be nice.

Next expansion Blizzard needs to add a new class or at least introduce new specs for existing classes. Its getting pretty stale already, and no, allied races are not the same thing as a new class, even though I do like those. We need new gameplay.

it sounds like it could fit in to the future, there are 4 armours in game, and i think it could be interesting to have a look at a class that had like one spec for each of them…

But in that case i would like it to follow some kind of logic like

Plate - Tank
Mail - Melee Dps
Leather - Caster
Cloth - Healer

And maybe stick to a genre so not to blend “good” and “evil” on the same class
They already did that with the priest and it is just wrong

Would be nice that someone could throw this on the community page because i will not pay just to put this up xD

I just want to hear other ppls thoughts, eventually i will add back a sub when the game is in another state

I think thats what many of us think aswell, and i think that the returning forum is the best place because we are returning… not just yet.

What is the topic here?