400 Trading´s Tender gone?

I completed trading last night and when I logged in recently. It says I have chest to open to get rewards so I went there. So I got 400 Trading´s Tender and I got 0. I should have 2400 Trading´s Tender. I want my 400 Trading´s Tender. Dont say it is bug? Thanks!


same problem here, too.

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I have 1800 completed everything didn’t buy a single thing, robbed of my 500 tenders lol.

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Same, just too many issues with this pitiful system.

Oh yes, no Ash’adar mount either.

I should also mention this was on another char, only I can’t switch to any other char to post on the forums.

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So what is up? I lost 400 again so I want my 800 Trading´s Tender. zzZZzz

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I am not getting 400 Trading´s Tender today so I lost 1200. 3 days in a row now so please fix it? It is super annoying with all bugs ingame!!!

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i lost 1100 tender’s

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What do you mean you should have 2400?
The cap this month is 2000, you can’t get any more than 2000. You’re not missing 400, 800 or 1200 tenders.

It seems like this is a bug where you can open the chest more than once for the 500 bonus. This is probably unintentional. You shouldn’t be able to open the chest on more than one character for the 500 bonus.

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I have no words about it! This is embarrassing, bug still staying!

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Not a bug, you got 2000 tokens like you said in your original post. Why are you expecting MORE.
2000 is the MAX you can get.

Wake up.

I had a similar thing, I completed my monthly objectives last night. Opened my chest to collect the 500 tender in there. But my currency didn’t increase from the 350 I had before I opened it and I didn’t obtain the mount. Hoping it will be fixed sometime soon.

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There is a current bug though.
Got 1000 + another 500 from achievement (for owning DF expansion), that’s 1500 right?
I bought the Fury of the firelord cosmetic, cost 750 Tenders. That leaves me 750 tenders left, right?

So then I finished up all the “missions” for another 400 but currently have 850 tenders On me and didn’t get mount either.

There IS a bug.

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There is a BUG who tell you to open the chest, but you dont get rewards. Dragonflight is full of bugs!

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Speaking of bugs, have you looked at your own armory?

Yes! I found some like my armory. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you guys can actually open the chest, i’ve yet to receive anything of it despite completing enough tasks for the mount :man_shrugging:

Does anybody know if they’ve fixed the bug’s with Tender and the Mount yet? Because I’m still a few hundred tender short of where I should be, based on what I’ve earnt and what I’ve spent. I’m also still missing the mount despite the page showing it as complete for the past 3 days.

I’ve not seen it mentioned that they’ve patched it anywhere, so I’m unsure if I should try and report as needing assistance or continue waiting.

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