403 Warlock LF Guild ( 7/8M ULD, 9/9 HC, 1/9M )


Hello Tarrens.

I’m looking to swap to english servers as I kind of miss them,
was thinking about some servers and ruled out most of them, this and another one.

Out ouf curiosity, I was wondering even tho there’s 120 Mythic Guilds if there’d be some of you interested in me as a warlock.

I’ll leave you a little bullet list, just to keep this short but would be happy about Discord adds and a little chat on Discord should I meet your requirements.

  • 403 Destruction / Affliction
  • 7/8 M Uldir
  • 9/9 HC BoD
  • 1/9 M BoD
  • WoWProg: “Nymlock” on Tarren Mill
  • WCL: “Nymlock” on Tarren Mill

Sorry, I tried linking it but WoW Forums won’t allow me to, sorry for the extra work!

I am a self-established designer, so I do work 4-5 days a month, means I can attend 100% of the raids. I’d prefer 3 raiding days over 2, but am fine with both or even more.

Little sidenot to add, this is my first caster and I know I 'm not perfect, there’s lots of room up ahead for me to improve, I’m aware of that.

DISCORD: Nymlock#4071

Kind regards and have a nice weekend,