403 Warlock LF Guild ( 7/8M ULD, 9/9 HC, 1/9M )


Hello Tarrens.

I’m looking to swap to english servers as I kind of miss them,
was thinking about some servers and ruled out most of them, this and another one.

Out ouf curiosity, I was wondering even tho there’s 120 Mythic Guilds if there’d be some of you interested in me as a warlock.

I’ll leave you a little bullet list, just to keep this short but would be happy about Discord adds and a little chat on Discord should I meet your requirements.

  • 403 Destruction / Affliction
  • 7/8 M Uldir
  • 9/9 HC BoD
  • 1/9 M BoD
  • WoWProg: “Nymlock” on Tarren Mill
  • WCL: “Nymlock” on Tarren Mill

Sorry, I tried linking it but WoW Forums won’t allow me to, sorry for the extra work!

I am a self-established designer, so I do work 4-5 days a month, means I can attend 100% of the raids. I’d prefer 3 raiding days over 2, but am fine with both or even more.

Little sidenot to add, this is my first caster and I know I 'm not perfect, there’s lots of room up ahead for me to improve, I’m aware of that.

DISCORD: Nymlock#4071

Kind regards and have a nice weekend,


Hey there Empise!

Ascension Is a newly formed raiding & M+ guild! Our goal is to do cutting edge and high M+ keys with fun in mind. Socials are more than welcome ofc!

What do we offer?

Raiding on Wednedsday, Sunday & Monday @ 8-11PM ST
Tons of M+ runs when our player base is grown.
A welcoming and laid back atmosphere with down to earth and happy officers.
And we strive to put real life in the primary spot because no one wants to feel like they have to do something if you have the possibilty to be with friends or family! With that said we ofc. want you to tell us before the raid starts so we're well aware that you're not coming and able to bring someone in your position!

What are we looking for in a raider?

We're looking for a person that loves to have fun but at the same time is ready to be serious when it counts. And we ofc. want a propper record of logs or atleast a propper Raider.io score.

Your application can be submitted to our main officer; Gaupaa or to me

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