🇬🇧 4/10M / 2.2k RBG - UK Legion Guild - Recruiting for PvP & CE Progression

Kaikoura is a UK-based guild from Legion looking to have some fun, kick some PvP a** and down some mythic bosses in what will hopefully be a decent expansion from Blizzard!

With Shadowlands, we’re looking to top up our mythic raiding roster for Cutting Edge and enhance our community for PvP, M+'s etc. We’re not a UK-exclusive guild and welcome active players who enjoy a good bit of banter. Expansions come and go, memories stay.

If you’re interested, check out the ‘About You’ and ‘About us’ section below. If you think you’d be a good fit, join our discord server (XB6jX5SwZY) for a chat or an application! Our awesome bot will take you through a super-easy questionnaire.

About you:

  • 21+ years old
  • Good at the game
  • Can deliver a good yo-momma joke
  • Decent mic
  • Not annoying/toxic
  • Fluent English

About us:

  • Average age of 28
  • 4 events per week
    • 2 mythic progression raids
    • 1 Casual-Friendly Farm Raid
    • 1 PvP RBG Night
  • Aiming for Cutting Edge (CE)
  • Aiming for 2.4k RBG
  • Easy Interview-based application
  • No annoying/toxic nerds
  • Not politically correct
  • Mandatory Tea breaks during raids
  • Experienced leadership
  • IRL meetups (COVID-dependent)

We won’t:

  • Get server 1st kills (lol you’re on Kazzak)
  • Treat you like an uber driver
  • Treat you like a princess
  • Fall apart when everyone gets bored in 1/2 months post-expansion

Anything else?

  • First-come first-serve for initial raid roster spots
  • Socials welcome with no raid/skill requirements
  • No mandatory attendance requirement
  • Leadership positions available
  • We’re not a UK-only guild
  • PvE Event schedule Tues, Wed, Thurs 8-11pm Server timer
  • PvP nights Sat 8-11pm Server timer
  • PvP events (RBGs)

We need more people in the game with your name

Just for clarification - Horde Guild

And please i don’t wanna be the worst player in the guild

If such a clarification was every needed on Kazzak :joy:

In need of ranged DPS, come contest me :slight_smile:

Update on roles we’re looking for:

  • Tanks - CLOSED
  • Healers - High
  • Melee DPS - Medium/Low
  • Ranged DPS - High

Hey man, i was sold on the mandatory tea breaks!

i’ve sent you a request so we can talk more, i’d be interested in joining if you have space for a melee DPS!

Sent a request ingame cheers

Update on roles we’re looking for:

  • Tanks - CLOSED
  • Healers - Low
  • Melee DPS - Low
  • Ranged DPS - Medium

VERY keen to hear from any Shadow Priests / Resto Shamans who haven’t found their home for SL yet!

Hey m8 i sent you a ingame request^^

I’ve had this experience with their GM… I don’t know what kind of experience people will have raiding with this fella, but I didn’t had good experience talking with him for sure.

imgur .com/h0QgRss.png
(copy the link and remove the spaces to open the screenshot if u interested to see how it went.)

Either way, best of luck with recruitment.

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Hope you’ve all had a great launch experience (and been treated kindly by the realm que gods)!

This is an update on our roster, which is looking good and we are not currently in need of any specific class/roles. However, we are leaving recruitment open for banter & bench/rotation spots (not the most glamorous, but every raiding guild needs some)

Yo momma is so fat when she got on the scale it said, “I need your weight not your phone number.”

An roster update - it seems a few unfortunate souls didn’t make it out of the Maw, and we are on the lookout for awesome dudes who can reliably attend our weekly events, kick butt and chew bubblegum.

In particular, we are keen to hear from:

  • Mages
  • Death Knights
  • Priests (Heal, DPS)
  • Warlocks

Looking forward to hearing from any who may still be pondering

Hi there, Im maining DK this expansion and actually still looking for a guild. Maybe have a chat? Ill be on most evenings

Hey I’ve come back to retail for the new expansion and can’t wait to smash some content. Your guild sounds perfect for why I’m looking for.

A hearty thanks to all those who reached out, and hope you’ve all had a great first week of raiding!

As we now take logs and flesh out our Mythic Raiding Roster, some spots are appearing as a challenge of certain classes who can reliably raid our times and return ~70+ percentile logs. In particular:

  • Druids - Healer & Boomkin
  • Monk - Healer
  • Priest - Healer
  • Warlock - Ranged DPS (duhh)

Socials, as always, are welcome to the guild and our NM/HC farm runs. Provided that they can perform well-enough to not hold the group back and crack a good yo momma joke :wink:

Follow the instructions in the post and add me on BTag if interested!

Edit - Oh, and I should also add we nailed Normal 10/10 and we’re 3/10 on heroic atm :slight_smile:

Still accepting socials? Would like a talkative UK guild. Am 32, played since classic.

We’re always open to socials, great chatting with you!

Update on our latest - we’re 6/10 HC and still very much interested in speaking to people who play the following:

  • Druids - Healer & Boomkin
  • Monk - Healer
  • Priest - Healer (Pref Disc)
  • Shaman - Healer
  • Warlock - Ranged DPS (duhh)
  • DK - Melee DPS (Grippie Grippie)

Current Progression;

10/10 Normal (Optional Farm Run)
9/10 Heroic (53% Phase 2 on Sire)
1/10 Mythic (Phase 3 Huntsman)

We’re still recruiting, feel free to add either;
Mouldy#2766 - PvE Officer
Subressor#2703 - Guild Master

Thank you! :grin: