412 DH lf guild in Draenor


He guys, I played DH since Legion, Cleared BoD HC on the second week with pugs and CoS HC on the first, I’m 17, chill player, I play PvE and a bit of PvP as well, My rio score got to 1400, and I was pretty much playing solo, I want to take the game to the next step and play more seriously, like high Mythic+ keystones, and Mythic raids, maybe Rated pvp as well, I have 2 Alts, Rogue and warr both 407 as of right now, I speak English and I also got a good mic dw.
My battletag is: NanoCard#2594


Hello Pøde,
Digital Doom is currently recruiting for all DPS classes. We are a mature, friendly group of experienced players from all over Europe.
Feel free to take a look at:
Forum: (H) Recruitment page 2
Website: digitaldoom(dot)uk