414 Veteran BDK main, multiclass tank looking for new home :)

(Kasiruz) #1

Hey! After a short “casual break” i am trying to get back into the semi-hardcore raiding scene. I did 3/8M in uldir during this break, and so far 4/9M in BoD. Due to my current guilds server hop i decided it’s time to get back at the level of play i enjoy this game on, namely high end raiding. I’ve tanked cutting edge on/off since SoO, with higher and higher performances since. Be it withstanding 200 wipes in an evening, getting realm best challenge modes, or pushing a r1 as a tank for a stupid wager, you name it, i’m down :wink: I’m pretty flexible with raid times, having alts, and am fully prepared for any and all eventualities that follow from cutting edge raiding, as i’ve been used to for years. If this tickles your fancy, or if your guild just needs a new punching bag, add me on bnet (Kasiruz#2136) for a chat :smiley: