438 resto druid lf guild for M raids & higher M+ keys


Hey all,

I’m a resto druid main looking for the next step in raiding and M+ dungeons. I can raid 2 evenings a week (latest time to end raids is 23:00 server time) and doing M+ whenever i’m online. I don’t mind sitting out a raid if that’s the best for the team.

I like to have a laugh, but am serious / focused when raiding and pushing keys. I started M+ last season and got to 1700 with random groups. My gear is always in order and i have my own flasks (new ones obv) and food. Having mature social people around me is important! I’m at the age where work, wife, etc is important aswell :wink: Also not really into guilds that are all about banter.

Hopefully there is a spot in a nice group for me.

Kind regards,

(Beckmiester) #2

Have you still not found anywhere dude! lol


Nope, sadly not. I’m in a guild with nice people atm but just not finding the challenge im looking for :frowning: