488 Minute Queue Is Shameful


For players with long lasting connections on the server for PvE/PvP transfer is not an option. 500 minute queue is failure on a colossus level.

Hard decisions need to be made to move entire guilds off the server with free game time. If that dose not work, a hard cut off date: Any account created after Patch x.x will be force moved to another server. ANYTHING!

Clearly those two suggestions are flawed - a little thought will show why.

I’m not defending the queues, it must be horrible, but by the same token there don’t seem to be many viable options for Blizzard. The only one I can think of would be to offer free character migrations from that realm to another. It’s unlikely (for which read: it’s never happened before) that Blizzard are going to pay people to move - which is what you are, in effect, suggesting.

Queues effectively occur if a server has reached its peak limit of concurrency, basically when the amount of players already logged in completely saturates the capacity limits of its hardware and databases. Or, to put it differently: the boat is full, adding more passengers will sink it.

Said limit cannot be increased beyond where it already is, hence the offer for a free migration elsewhere (where the limits haven’t been reached yet). Please have a look at the recent forum post by the producer of WoW Classic, which goes into a lot more detail on how things work and how our plans look like: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/classic-the-unacceptable-state-of-classic-servers/1323722/7

Given this isn’t actually a topic relating to technical issues, I’ll however now close the thread. :slight_smile: