5 man leveling EPIC Experience

My friend an I are LF 3 more guys to level with in a road to 60. This should be a super funny experience dungeoing, sharing profession perks and questing together.
We are not going to rush the leveling experience neither are going to play 10h a day, so just playing between time to time but make it funny and epic going 5 man around against the whole Azeroth :muscle:

For those interested just message me on Btag: Naglfar#2115.
We will play in Gehennas Horde :wink:

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Is gehennas your final decision?

Yes it is mate :wink:

good luck with quest items

Still need people?

Ofc mate, we are 3 by now. :smiley:

Cool I’m happy to join

Add me on btag. Naglfar#2115 :wink:

Done. :slight_smile:

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