6/8M EP Established Guild Recruiting - Arathor/Hellfire (A)


We are looking for more players to raid Mythic in Eternal Palace. With getting cutting edge in Dazalor we are aiming high again

(Uzgob) #29


Do you dislike fish and squid, can you shoot from far away?

Come join us and slap some fish.

We will also do M+ on off days so it’s all gooooood :slight_smile:

love Uz


Raided with DR now for two tiers

i find myself speechless often with how lucky i am to raid with such a talented bunch

oh and slapping fish and that


Still around after two years, still recommend joining for fun experiences with a good set of people.


It’s fun here, y’all should join

(Ellzangel) #33

Still interested in chatting with additional DpS for Palace Mythic progression. Particularly interested in a DH/Warlock/Boomie but would consider other classes if a good fit with us. Last few days before the new raid, so give us a shout!


Still looking for a couple more friendly skilled players who want to push themselfs and maybe us to continue our cutting edges :wink: - been with this guild for some time now and whats amazing is that its not just afk between raiding we do all sorts of stuff together outside it aswell - its not a guild. Its a community!


#1 herb collectors and butchers for the 2019 spring season are looking for more players! Also Azshara isn’t going to kill herself so we’re gonna need more dps for that too… If you want to cut some edges, run m+ dungeons and practice your herbalism come join us!

Bonus points for healthstone makers.


As Esu says - Azshara is naga-na kill herself so come fish hunting with us. Sure you’ll love your time in DR like i do.


Whale whale whale, what do we have here? Are you interested in joining us lovely bunch?
Last tier was all about Frozen and ‘that’s what she said’ jokes… But this tier, oh this tier you just have to sea these fish puns I’ve lined up.

We are still baiting some ranged to join our raid group, especially locks, druids and boomies. A new tier means a great oppor-tuna-ty to get to learn a bunch of new friends and have a common goal to cut some edges.

Think you can crack up better fish puns than me? Then join us and let minnow!

(Ellzangel) #38

Oh my sweet Jesus… this is hows its gonna be all raid huh?

… Also recruiting a GM…


BoD was my first tier taking part in mythic raiding, and DR was a great way to get started.

Come join for very serious raid progression (we do that I swear).

(Ellzangel) #40

Roster looking pretty nice now, but still open for a couple of additional DpS. Would preferably like the following classes: DK/Warrior/DH/Lock but happy to talk to any other ranged classes as well.


Hi ! I am interested in joining a more serious raiding guild and would like to be active with mythic plus dungeons, I main a Ret Pally so not sure if that would fit with what you are after.

(Ellzangel) #42

Sage, add me on bnet and lets have a chat :slight_smile:



It’s fun here, we’re looking for a battle shout atm!

(Ellzangel) #44

Could find a spot for either a Warrior/Lock/Rogue/DH or DK for more deeps in Palace. Also happy to speak to other DpS classes as WHO you are takes preference over what class you play.

(Uzgob) #45

This is raiding in a fun and social way, with additional warrior shouts always being a plus :slight_smile:

10/10 would join again.

<3 Uz

(Levy) #46

Still looking for a few more DPS to round out our roster.
We are now 5/8 M EP.
Get in touch if you fancy Mythic raiding in a nice guild.


Now 6/8 and looking for more members who are looking for a fun and progressive Mythic raiding guild