6/9m mw monk lf guild for azshara

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Hello and thank you for taking your time to read my post!

I’m a MW Monk with 6/9M exp, currently residing in a 9/9M guild. I was going to get Jaina down with them, but due to late joining in I was waiting on them to progress her down before killing her myself. Just before I got the chance to do so we had some guild problems and disbanded. Here I am now, looking for a new home, to possibly get Jaina down, or even if I don’t, for sure bring Azshara down.

I have had decent previous raiding experience, my most memorable one is HFC 13/13M rank 20 on Silvermoon with guild Endless Resonance. I can provide logs if needed.

In BoD I got only to 6/9M as stated above, since I was waiting for my guild to progress with the currently established roster, as I joined late. I can provide logs on request.

I am a dedicated player, who always aims to improve on himself and aims to push the guild forward, both in progress and in creating a comfortable environment to have fun.

Looking for a guild which has the right mindset and roster, capable of achieving Cutting Edge in Azshara and beyond.

I have a Holy paladin with me with whom I am searching for a guild. Realm transfer is possible, such as Faction change to Alliance. However, my friend’s transfer and faction change would need help with at least to some extent as he cannot afford it on his own at this moment. If interested, contact me at bnet below:

Bnet: Levski1312#2813

EDIT: Found a guild, not looking for one any longer :slight_smile: