63 runs Upper Kara - still no trinket

Lol…GJ blizzard

Waiting weekly vault to get double rings again

Do 20+ keys for loot. They always drop insane amount of items for whole group.


Looking at the OP’s score, farming +20s for loot is out of their reach for now.

Not only for now,I don’t have any intention of doing those as a frost mage.

I aint also pushing 2 k at all i stopped bothering 10 days ago.

That’s why I don’t have pre ordered yet. If dragonflight will be a loot madness again I skip this garbage

Loot is just extras, real progression is mounts and achivs.

Not just that,its going to be absolute dps retardness.

Some classes are heavily covenant/lege dependant,some on the other hand,dont need covenant nor leges to be able to do 15k+ dps and judging by talent trees,some people are getting OBLITERATED by blizzard.I guess they are forcing people to play new class which is going to be OP for a few weeks in order to bait people in,after which is going to be nerfed to the ground ofc.

Getting specifics from dungeons always have been hard. And definitely do not expect them in the vault.

Brother,at this point i am farming it just to see how many runs it requires for POS to drop…i honestly dont even care about the damn trinket anymore,because it cost me my nerves for past 3 days in which i did over 30 runs i think.

What’s even worse i havent seen it drop SINGLE TIME in past 3 days,and in total out of all 53 runs i’ve seen it drop 2 times.

Today i was with ele shaman who’s been farming it as well,he’s at 32 runs

This is literally sad.

Why farm it if you’re not going to do “hard” content?

Great, you’ve done upper 20 times and you stick at 15’s and lfr. Do you want people to be mad jelly in lfr or something?

I can assure you people are mad enough, coming from other topics to reply here,in negative context no less :slight_smile:

Why do you this or that is not question to ask,because

  1. First of all and most importantly,you aint the one paying for my sub,with that being said,what i am farming and how i do it its literally none of your concern.I am letting people know how broken loot system is because if you cant get one epic item in almost 70 runs,something is obviously wrong with this game.

  2. Same like every other person has a right to do as they please in any game,not just wow,i have same that right too.

I’m not telling you how to play the game. I’m telling you to stop crying about your choices.

I also think that it’s extremely stupid, that if I want the best healer trinket (Resonant reservoir)for M+, I have to do raids to get it.

Like, why? At least let me earn dinars from M+ so I could eventually get it.

Thats why most streamers are positive about the new talent trees tbh

Ah yes lets the remove the one incentive there is to raid, and instead give it out for free.

Sure. Let’s also make PvP equipment the best gear available for PvE.

When the incentive to raid is not in the first place “it is fun”, then i think somethings wrong with the content.
Putting more annoying systems in the game just to get the items you want to use is not the way to go, imo.

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Raiding in itself is fun but if you can gear elsewhere why would you bother with the hazzle of having to organize 20 people and have them running into walls. When the rewards are lackluster and could be easily be obtained through mundane dungeons. Gearing is fundamental in wow and the content/funhavingexperience is based upon it.

This is your mistake. Unless you’re on a world first raid team or in the top 0.1% of mythic plus players, that degree of farming isn’t worth it. I want the mecha rings, but I know farming them intensively will cost me my enjoyment of the game. I run mecha from time to time, and maybe one will drop. Meanwhile, I’m having fun.

I think raiding in itself is not fun. And i do not need an artificial incentive like loot to do something i am not enjoying.

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