[6/9M] Guardians of the Plume - 2 Night Mythic Raiding Guild

Still looking for fellow raiders!

And we got some new spots open as well :slight_smile:

Any potential raiders interested?

Still looking for more dps!

Still looking for more people!

New info added

New roles opened up so some more bumperinos

Keeping the thread open

Looking for more people! If anyone is interested send is a message

As the new tier is getting closer we are looking for more recruits to help us start out strong!

Hey added all of you on discord for a chat!

Still looking, especially in need of a healer! :smiley:

bumping it up still looking for some recruits! esp a healer ;D

Another dps spot opened up!

Sound like a nice guild, you allow horde in your ranks?

New spots opened up

Bumping it up cuz we are looking for new peeps

Still in search for new raid members!

Requirements changed again!

Another bump required to show we are looking for capable dps/healers :slight_smile: