7 sec kidney shott

But u are not entirely wrong tho there was a time they didnt share dr but I dont know current situation as dont main a rogue or have care for rogue till DF

There is no need to give it a go. Cheap Shot and Kidney have DR’ed together from WotLK to today.

Incredible. How many years is that for you to still not know…


You sound very mad and defensive. Might want to work on that.

I love how sometimes rogue complaints are based on outright false premises lol

inb4 “sometimes”


yeah pace of the game has changed so a kidney this long doesn’t serve any longer.

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Amazed at ignorance and at the fact that someone who’s been wrong for what, 14 years, keeps insisting he is right and speaks as if the others were stupid.

Very amazed.


9 seconds in stun :joy:

Rogue godgamerx

My fav bias is when I see from somewhere a vocal rogue player like whaazzz example be kited and get on steel traps vs sv and they completely lose nerves and /afk out of game yelling how it is “unfair” and “disgusting” how theyre not “let to play” :joy: :+1:

Imagine the double standard of that for second :joy:

Always makes me rofl and grin to the bias and self-delusion of people like these

It is always the same :slight_smile:

Oneshoting ppl with broken globals with something or controlling other team till they die and its balanced but when it happens to self its unfair and how game is garbage etc :joy: :+1:

They scream blue murder for something being done to them which is nothing they are not doing to others


I’ve been kidneyed and cheapshot 3 times so stay in denial buddy.

You haven’t because it’s been impossible for 14 years or so. Log a Rogue and you will see.

Burrying yourself in a lie is not a healthy habit.


It was in vanilla but no longer ^^

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guys why does divine shield have a 30 second cooldown its so unfair


:icecream: the ultimate flavor

Now if just add little bit mango I hope we get Dragonflight of the mix and it will be best

You want the game to be like vanilla?

In theory, it does DR
In practice not quite because the 1st cheap shot is already half the duration of kidney, so it gets reduced by like half a second or something instead of more
You can cheap shot again after that for 1 second which is just enough to slip 1 more gcd to finish you off
It is kinda ridiculous imo too; Would be nicer if drs for cc where you lose total control of your char ( Poly/fear/stun/incap) were buffed, because it’s beyond frustrating to deal with them rn;

This is a stupid statement, and also wrong. Any stun that follows a stun is halved. Period.

There is no “in theory in practise blabla”. You use Kidney first ? Then Cheap is 2s instead of 4. You use Cheap first ? Then Kidney is 3s instead of 6. That is the same with *every single CC in the game (except Void Volley, Sundering and Call Infernal).


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7 second stun is game breaking and far too long for a stun! We can kill anyone in that 7 seconds. Needs a good nerf!

sup Versie, have you tried using cheap shot 3 times in a row after kidney?

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Yep, it worked.

no you didn’t. your honor levels between your rogue and your pal don’t match, that means this rogue hasn’t been logged in in a while. try again.

It’s just not updated yet. :slight_smile: