8.2 Heart of Azeroth and going forward



So i played around abit on the PTR and by the looks of it - the azerite grind is gonna be more ”mandatory” than ever before.

As far as i could tell, the old system of ranking up the neck still exists aka get neck level however, we also have the ”neck sockets” that unlock as you get higher neck levels. The sockets themselves also vary in power which makes them a farm on top of everything.

To clarify:

  • You still have to level the neck.
  • You still need neck levels to unlock azerite traits.
  • (new) at certain neck levels you unlock new socket slots.
  • (new) sockets vary in power.

One of my biggest gripes with the expansion is this type of mandatory grind, which by the looks of it - gets doubled down in 8.2.

It promotes unhealthy gameplay as it ultimately gatekeeps you from doing hard content. This was perhaps most noticable in the mythic world first race where players of method where doing islands for a week straight farming azerite.

The sources of azerite themselves are argubly trivial in terms of difficulty, so it’s not an challenging chore to overcome either, just mindnumbingly booring. It’s just blocking you from doing what you actually want to do.

Have Blizzard learnt nothing? As far as i know most people absolutely despise this system of progression yet it gets even grindier in 8.2.

Thoughts? Am i wrong? Have i missed something? Im honestly confused.

Edit: Apart from that, the new island mechagon is awsome but theres underlying problems that keeps me away from considering playing it.

(Ghimrizz) #2

Well I don’t really see the azerite farm as the core issue at hand. It will seem better once the necklace gets the nodes inbetween the major and minor slots added to it. Having a sort of paragonesque system is overall very nice for the game and worked very well in Legion.

The issues are rather that the content which awards azerite itself is a shore. Mythic+ and Raids aswell as PvP don’t give you a significant amount of it, forcing you to do the “sluggish grind” instead of content you may enjoy the most.

In Legion it was easier since mythic+ and raids(no clue about PvP here, I sort of didn’t participate) gave you enought AP to naturally progress your weapons, making the “optional” sources more of a “boost” which allowed you to push up off-spec weapons etc.

If they boosted the AP gains from mythic+, added a bit of it to raids and increased the gains from PvP. It whould feel smoother.

I’d personally suggest a ~20% base increase for mythic dungeons aswell as a higher Azerite increase per mythic+ level. This way dungeons whould hopefully average out just slightly below doing IE’s. It whould pretty much result in similar returns as of hc and normal dungeons do, which aint too bad atm.

Add some Azerite to raid bosses, represented by the bosses difficulty and lootable once per difficulty. So If you just do raids it will at least give some returns into the HoA.

For PvP I’d suggest mainly that a BG loss whould award azerite aswell. Perhaps at a reduced rate, but given that outside of the “daily bonus” PvP currently have awfull AP returns a reduced rate for a BG loss ain’t really necessary.


Well only thing i can tell about it is for the World first race : blizzard will make sure you can’t go beyond the expected neck level for a certain week or content phase.

No hard cap but i guess something along the lines of needing 500% more azerite for each level past their soft cap, which come back to normal values once new content is released

It may sounds weird to not put any hard cap but i think they did so in order to not void any azerite farmed past the soft cap : this way once the soft cap is lifted you’ll keep your progress and enjoy its benefits.