8.2 Mounts way too expensive for most of us

(Holykeg) #1

Not sure about you guys , but i am still farming my best to buy the 3 frogs in Nazmir , now we get 3 flying mounts each costing 50000 ( thats 150 K ) ,then a bount costing 1/2 million ,then the cat we build costing 120 ish around the time we build it and i am guessing recoloring it will cost a lot too ?

Still did not get the 3.5 million spider mount or the new 5 million mount or even the 1/2 million dino

20 K per mount is enough tbh , there other mounts will require farming and camping .

This is just a let down for me tbh , Please rethink this and lower the cost


As far as I understand the only way to have so much gold is to buy tokens or sell TCG which means using real money. I don’t like this idea.


I agree. These prices sound quite a lot. Is the cat mount really 120k? I had impression it was something you build together (sort of scavenger hunt style), did not know it costs gold as well. Started on it (i think) but haven’t got so far i would have got any big costs from it. 50k is just as just something i would spend my gold for if mount is really good but anything over it, even if i can afford it just costs too much. Shame if all nice new things are so expensive i cannot afford them, i wont be buying tokens in game that costs both sub and game purchase so then those items don’t exist to me.

(Ghimrizz) #4

Seem reasonable tbh. mounts are sort of luxury articles in WoW so prices have always been high. Granted that earning gold in this expansion’s way to easy aswell if you just want to earn the gold in the first place.

However since people are spoiled I could perhaps see a slight cut in prices. But remember that Gallywix will be crying if they do that.


I’d agree if these were not reputation awards, meaning that we already put some work in it before we even got the chance to buy the mounts.

(Ghimrizz) #6

Well look at it from the bright side… you have time to get the gold meanwhile you get the reputation.


Guys, those mounts for hundreds of thousands golds are here to decrease amount of gold in the game that caused inflation in WoD and Legion. If you´re whining about not being able to buy a mount with gold you can farm or make in the auction, that´s a bit silly, don´t you think? If it was something you would need to progress in the game, I wouldn´t say a word, but mounts are purely cosmetic and have no real impact on the gameplay. If you want something for huge amount of golds, well, you have to make that amount of gold. And buying tokens is only one of many many many ways how to make them.

(Holykeg) #8

Go see Bellar channel , its 120 k + farming parts too … then if you want to change its color i am 100% you will pay like 30k ish

Annoying to even think about it

(Vert) #9

You mean like every other gold sink mount that has existed in the game?


No one is denying that mounts are not a gold sink, but for some simple reskins, it seems to be way too much gold.


I don’t watch streamers and no idea who is Bellar, but i take your word on it here. If that price stays the same won’t be doing it then. Another 8.2 feature that is out of reach then :frowning_face:

(Valrysha) #12

I agree. The price is a little insane and I think they’re pricing these items far too high. They should cost currencies obtained from the content, not just gold.

(Baelzhebub) #13

Actually, to someone like me, collecting mounts IS gameplay. I progress in game by designing my characters with fitting transmogs and mounts.

Farming small amounts of gold for hours each day, as well as materials which you have to guess might sell on AH, is not gameplay to me. Buying a token certainly is not, as well.

Also, farming gold by scamming players in the auction house by reselling is in my opinion immoral. You earn money from doing basically nothing, except for forcing other people to pay more.

I would rather have a gold reset, for the economy to be reworked.


Buying things and selling them for more golds is not a scam. If people are willing to pay the price, where is the problem? Even the real life work this way, it´s been merchant practice for a quite some time. And resseting the gold? Sure, reset it, reset the progress you´ve mad in your achievemants, reset your mount collection. Just because some people are not willing or able to make gold, it doesn´t mean that others can´t make them as well. The reset won´t make economy any different. The economy works well, problems are just those pilles of gold that came from nowhere that devalued golds so the prices are in big numbers. People who haven´t been playing in expansions where making gold was easy are struggling, which is problematic. On the other hand, if you take their rightfully obtained gold they had had played for, where is the justice?

But back to the mounts. If it´s recolor and you don´t like it, don´t buy it. If you´re collector, than you have to invest your time into the collecting. Be it farming of bosses or “farming” of golds as currency. Like in the real life, if you can´t afford Mercedes S-class, you have to buy a Toyota because it´s in your price-range (if you wanna buy a car).

(Baelzhebub) #15

If I could earn a mount like the 5M Vendorsaurus by playing 3-6 Month for 2h each day, while having a steady income by just doing world quests and stuff, I would not have an issue with it.

However, gold through gameplay is too RNG based (e.g. not every emissary rewards gold), while AH earnings are not reliable either, unless you control the market.
Gold world quest just give 100-200g, while gold sources that feel rewarding by giving 1k+ are rare.

I calculated this through, with the result that buying tokens would be more efficient. If I would do this, I would not spend more than 40€ for one occasional unique mount.


Do I really have to write down how to make golds? Ok…

  1. farming materials (herbs, old materials and so on)
  2. crafting consumables
  3. selling BoE from raid
  4. selling Runs (mythic +, raids)

These are the ones that came to my mind despite those that I´ve already mentioned. But once again, this is not about making of gold. This is about mounts being a tool to deescalate the inflation so you can have new mount price of 5000 g one day.


and if I remember correctly, that cat plus seven colours for it is in the achievement “Mecha-Done” which is needed for getting that cool mechacycle mount. Great. I was so exited for it, but now I see that I won’t be able to afford it for a looong time.


Most of the cool mounts won’t cost you a copper, why do these reskins suddenly matter ?

You can earn 50k+ gold farming quillrats in drustvar as a skinner in an hour. No mindblowing trick, just selling leather and meat.

These 50k gold mounts aren’t that hard to get, if you’re farming rep or just playing the game you get around 4k gold per 10k rep. This and a bit of farming with a DH lvl 111 and you have them


Here is how i find it ok:

  • Some mounts cost lot of gold.
  • Some mounts cost less gold but have reputation or grind attached to them.

I don’t think it is ok to have mounts needing both reputation/grind AND big gold cost. Reason for it is, if you don’t have the gold, you will have no reason to do that grind either which means you got less meaningfull things to do.

And same in other words: it is ok to ask us to put effort on things and then get rewarded. But it feels wrong to ask us put effort on things and then still having to buy our reward with very big amount of gold that not everyone can spare, leading to situation that some people would do their effort but not get rewarded for it.


Selling on AH? I think everyone should start doing it as we all did with Linen until Blizzard nerfed the drop.

How do you farm gold with DH 111? Please don’t tell me via boosts.

It’s so ridiculous that people assume everyone wants have ability or desire to make boosts.