8.2: Prepare for the worst PvE Gear yet


This, for the love of god this.

In wotlk lava burst would do ~6k damage (1/4th of players health) on 6 sec cd which felt significant and important. Now I do damage on a short burst window once a minute with lasso and stormkeeper. In wotlk I had easily dispelled bloodlust and one instant cast lava burst every 2 minutes. And no defensive cooldowns (as in damage taken reduction ones). It was much more fun.

Those wotlk numbers aren’t probably exactly accurate, can’t remember the exact values but you get the idea.


PvP was ruined in Legion already the only thing that saved arena and bg’s in legion was the fact that you was all balanced gear now you just have pve gear coming out of your metaphorical hole and its ruining PvP completely death knights out healing healers everything it’s beyond a joke it’s the lowest the game has ever been blizzard honestly dont care about pvp so why bother having a forum for it.


I330k absorb in arena —pve gear, hello blizzard ? nerf or i stop playing this trash game???


I’d go with stop giving them your money and stop playing FeelsGoodMan


You know something is wrong with pvp if you cant find partner on 2.1k cr. During legion i could easy find someone even at 2.3k

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