8.2 Raid results !


So , what if :

He is released , Ashara is down and weakened from fighting us , and then …

She finally makes her move , although N’zoth is out , he is still weak , so she will trap him inside the dagger ! His new home …

Now the we have to confront her to and see what is truly her ACE that she kept hiding

We Vs. the Banshee + N’zoth …

What do you think ?


Wait a few minutes. This thread is useless because we will see the new cinematic in a few minutes anyway.


Cinematic is out. No sylvanas


Edit 2 : this link better ? https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdPlacidTubersKippa


Azshara survives and is brought into the void by N’zoth. Called it. Now she can have a proper showdown with Malfurion and Tyrande later on.

(Zarao) #5

Full video (Twitch bit was cut):


Was thinking , all eyes shall be opened „ as a Metapher for Reviving all old gods. But Yogg is the problem here …


So… The final boss would be Lorthemar, right?

(Zarao) #8

Interesting how the fight reveals several of the cryptic whispers.
Confirms that we were going to “Drown in the circle of stars” (Azshara inner halls), that Magni was made a pawn,…and now, this one might be already solving the third one: “At the hour of her third death, she ushers in our coming”.

Azshara has been brought to “life” by Nzoth twice already. Both in cinematics:

Given the way the other whispers were heavily tied with her, i think the last major one might be too.
The other candidates require a bit more of speculation.



I wanted more. But at the same time I’m not sure what more I wanted from it.

At least she survived which was the most important thing that could happen.

(Keydiam) #10

Oh, wow. N’zoth. And we got played like a damn fiddle. Nobody saw that coming. /s

Edit: Now get ready people, because I can already see Sylvanas redemption on the horizon.

(Daltor) #11

He isn’t, he has eyes, they’re just also mouths.


Nothing specaial, and… really a waste of animation time to make that cinematic. That said, no stupid surprises, just doing what we expected to happen. I’m ok with that.


(Erevien) #14

No Sylvanas end boss it seems. Night Elves will swallow this one rather badly. or not at all. Kerrigan 2.0 incoming.

(Araphant) #15

I feel the need to put this here. We have this Azshara, a powerful player, the mystical ruler of an underwater Empire spanning the seas, the same evil queen that sacrificed her people to Sargeras in the War of the Ancients.

She is apparently beaten by a bunch of rag-tag survivors from our respective fleets who are few in number and lacking in everything. It just feels underwhelming, to be honest.


Yeah, like what the hell man?

Just teleport out like Jaina. 4Head

(Zarao) #17

With the last sentence about “opening all eyes”, i got the feeling that the next phase will have us discovering a ton of “sleeper agents” that have apparently been swayed by or been working for N’zoth this whole time.

And this could lead to either:

  1. Discovering that those vague indications about Sylvanas sending people to kill Thrall, execute Baine, etc., were all set by N’zoth to sow dissent.
  2. Sylvanas has been corrupted/controlled by N’zoth this whole time.

(Scripps) #18

Yep. I’ve no doubt that Sylvanas was eliminated as a potential final villain this evening. Kerrigan 2.0? Please no.

Very underwhelming cinematic, especially if they’re lining up Azshara to fall for a third time.

(Araphant) #19

I mean, Nathanos dodged an entire raid by feigning death before it was cool…


Or it could just mean that everyone will finally be aware of his presence in the world. That he’s back for all to see.

Don’t read too much into it. It hasn’t exactly paid off so far.