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(Araphant) #21

I could live with Zarao’s option number two, to be honest, if it was done right. It would solve our problems rather neatly.

The Alliance gets vengeance for Teldrassil, the Horde dodges another evil warchief arc. Win, win.


There is no vengeance to be had for Teldrassil. Sylvanas didn’t drag those plotpowered supercatapults all the way to Darkshore by herself and sacrificing just her for this isn’t anywhere near enough in any believable story.

And we’re already sitting pretty with an evil warchief. Her being a pawn of N’zoth doesn’t magically erase all the stuff we players have done in her name nor does it absolve her of her own actions.


You guys still having wet dreams of sylvanas dying ?
News flash: She wont, as Vjaina did not.

(Araphant) #24

She died already, though. Twice.:smiling_imp:



Jokes on the angry forum nelfs :stuck_out_tongue:


and warchief baine, calia undead leader. anduin and baine will be even more budyd buddys and all wrong is forgiven(if it isnt already) tyrande and genn will forgive or be villain batted.


nah she will for some reason willingly let calia be undead leader and baine be warchief. all will be forgiven.
And she is gonna be buddies now with anduin aswell.


yeah atleast she can still return later but shouldve been lot more to defeat azshara.


News flash, there was.
Destruction of the Undercity
Dazar alor invasion.
King Rasta killed by the alliance
Alliance stole valuables from Dazar alor.

Again, nobody cares about the RP tree.
Alliance did worst than making a BBQ party, you dont seem to want a revenge for those right?


Destructions of the sewers of a city. And it was sylvanas who destroyed it mostly.

Was not Horde at this point in time.

Who was and never will be a member of the horde.

Which the horde had no claim too.

People who read the lore do. And it’s more about the nightelfs not having any real spotlight since WC3


Alliance invaded it, keep arguing with the obvious.

It was allied with the horde already and the horde pushed back the rest of the alliance gnomes out.

Who was trusting horde and changed his mind, as you would see in the questline if you ever had done it.

It doesnt matter who claims what, its what alliance did. Lets argue with the obvious again.

I do read the lore, still dont care about it as alliance didnt care about many other things.

Nobody cares about the nelfs and they wannabe supremacy in the forums besides the nelfs themselfs.

We do know so far that you are a known alliance zealot-supremacist but that doesnt change anything. Alliance took way worst revenge than a burned down tree, i hope they burn the 2nd and last one as well :slight_smile:


I don’t care much for the tree either. I’m firmly on #TeamBlightEmAll at this point but that doesn’t hinder me from understanding that in any realistic story the Horde either wins this war or is dismantled at the end of it.

And no, the examples you listed would merely be stepping stones to that eventual dismantling.


Well sadly the war has already ended as you can see, nothing else is happening but facing together the same enemy after we burned their tree and they did what listed above.

Was the alliance dismantled when they pushed arthas to power? Dont think so.
Why would the horde be if sylvanas makes a war in world of WARcraft, its not world of LOVEcraft…

(Zarao) #34

There have already been hints, with NPCs sporting N’zoth’s eye, and subtle clues about people embracing his gift (the PC toyed with said possibility).

Wouldn’t put it past Blizzard to go with the most underwhelming route, but still, i think its a possibility.


And than we have a open well of eternity full of corpses and ash. What can go wrong their.


World of WARcraft, not world of LOVEcraft.
Its a part of the game, fantasy no real people died.


Well it was also called the Great War and still people celebrated Christmas together.

What does the name mean ?

I don’t know who hurt you , but it seems someone really hurt you when you played alliance. You okay buddy ?


I dont know why you seem to not understand it…

Different words.

In the new avengers move, iron man dies. I didnt like it, but i didnt start SJW’ing the whole internet becuase of this happened, after all the actor is still alive and well and running around giving interviews.

Now this you see above is called reality, dont sink too much in a video game and call justice and save the ones about to die, nobody will die. Its a scenario.

As about the alliance hurt me part, honestly you should read what you write someday when you come to your senses and you will perfectly understand me :rofl:


Please don’t make me defend the Alliance. I know the war is all but over now that the Horde rebels are all buddy buddy with the apparent speaker of the Alliance (Jaina) but it still doesn’t make up for their actions in the war. They were the aggressors and in any realistic story this war would end in their demise. Getting rid of Sylvanas doesn’t cut it and especially not when she’s absent from most of the story after Teldrassil.

And seriously? You’re going to pin Arthas on the Alliance? the guy who almost single handedly destroyed Lordaeron?


Yeah the dalaran butcher, but hey they forgot this.

Thats the mistake here, there is nothing realistic here. Its a game. Its a scenario. Its a scenario the nelfs dont like because its the first time that malfurion and tyrande dont save us from the evil last bosses.

Wasnt he marching along the alliance armies and along with muradin? The alliance helped him, then as they saw they totally lost it they run and asked horde support. Why not?