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Iam pretty sure in canon lore she killed no one and only teleported people away.

This is not how fantasy works.
You make a world full of rules and you follow this rules.

Deathwing marched with the horde and lived for months with them. Horde destroyed Azeroth ?


Take a look at some point how she is porting in and out and 1shotting civilians, good try but yet another failed one.

Thats another mistake as well, because you dont make this fantasy game blizzard does. I dont know why you think you can setup the lore in your own liking but still its hilarious id say :joy:

At the first cinematic with deathwing the first thing he does is invading orgrimar. What other irrelevant info you have to support your faction and the dalaran butcher?


Wait didn’t Arthas invade Loderon in his first cinematic ?


Agreed. Death to Jaina. Prepares blightbomb

I know it’s a story within a game but that doesn’t mean it has to be this bad. Not only does it not make sense within the narrative when we are told that the Alliance has the means to dismantle the Horde and win this war right now. It also pisses off players who are invested in the Night Elf story if the writers decide to hand wave away a literal genocide.

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Quick side note: Is this still true? Been levelling the Alliance lately, and overall the impression it gave me was that they considered that the trap in Nazjatar had hit them pretty badly.


Brother, its going to be bad its world of WARcraft remember?

I saw anduin bowing down over saurfang asking for help saying i cant do anything. Dont know how you came up with this.

Exactly, these players have had their change of happyness since vanilla with their nonse lore and RP and trees. While malfurion and turande was there to 1shot the boss we just killed “so stronk”

Now its my time to get happy to see them down. Because i dislike them, alot.


I suppose.

But then you have the superman characters and all the other stuff the Alliance has. The Alliance has always been presented as the superior force in this game so I really don’t know what to make of the loss of their fleet.

Oh, I dunno. I suppose Nathanos could have been bluffing when he said the Alliance was winning on all fronts.

I also don’t find any pleasure from the suffering of other players.

Maybe human paladins and fans of Baine :thinking:

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Oy! Watch it, pointy ears.


you do know the name might be WARcraft as you typed it, but that doesnt meen we fight eachother all the time, it meens we have the power to wage war, not that we have to do it against eachother.

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MALE human Paladins. You have to live up to the stereotype.


Actually Sylvanas is almost confirmed last boss, or second last boss of this expansion. You can come to this conclusion from this:


yey for for more horde soul seeking and loosing another old eshtablished horde leader/character (and to evil again). cant wait for baine to be warchief or sadfang be super buddy buddy with Alliance all acts are forgiven and only for baine/sad fang to be replaced in 2expansions by either going insane and evil or doing nothing and killed by trash mob


cant bfa just end already and get its story just retconned and then someone that can actully write a good story makes good one.


No, BfA is just setting up a lot of big things that are to come in the next expansions. This is so much bigger than the old faction pride. It’s too sad to see people still care about that. I’m glad the writers are trying to move on from it. A completely split Alliance and Horde, never cooperating even in times of need is not possible.


and im tired of war but work together.
The races shouldnt work together not after bfa not anymore the horde and Alliance to much bad blood

and bfa is a faction war/pride expansion what we get of that basicly nothing but old gods get to much of that stupid crap.


Actually BfA is about the faction leaders realising that going at war against eachother is stupid, doesn’t make sense and it’s hurting them.
It’s just people are tunnel visioning and are stuck in the past with how the story was being written. Horde vs Alliance made sense in Warcraft 1, 2 and 3, but 8 expansions into WoW it’s kinda beating a dead horse. Give me a break.


after all bad blood and what has happend between the races/factions no it makes sense there should be no peace at all.
I can see why no large scale wars anymore but not peace.


That can may be from the perspective of players, but from the point of view of the actual characters in the story it’s very different. There is plenty of conflict and danger without the faction war, and as a matter of fact in WoW the faction war has always been the least important and smallest conflict. It’s always been there to just spice things a bit more, but never the central point of the story telling.
The cold truth is both factions have been wronged and done wrong to the other. From a story writing point of view every conflict needs to be concluded. BfA is the expansion where the faction war is at its highest point, but it’s also the point where it should end.


at its highest point? no no no no no no no no noo no.
its lore horde vs horde then its been horde vs Alliance, horde villain batted has to soul search again and rebel against bad warchief again and loose another warchief again.
its a horde vs horde conflift not faciton war
well horde vs horde and old gods

(Erevien) #60

Then Baines slips on a banana peal and Gallywix becomes Warchief. What a joke wast of a story.