8.3 Azshara dialogue [Obvious spoilers]

So I read some 8.3 dialogue with Azshara, and she says how she was going to stab N’zoth with Xal’atath and defeat him that way, but now it’s our duty. This left me a little confused…
I do understand that Azshara would (kinda) side with us, if that would free her from N’zoth, but I have other questions.
Xal’atat as an… Entity, I suppose (?) left the dagger itself some time ago. Does the dagger itself has some magic left in it, or is it just a regular dagger now? Obviously if it’s just a dagger it can’t kill N’zoth. So does Azshara even know Xal’atath left the blade, or is she mislead? Sorry if it’s explained somewehere else, I’m just really curious…

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I would guess with two powerful void entities inside it the dagger would get a bit crowded?

No, really, the dagger was the entity’s prison. So it kind of needs to have some powerful properties of its own. And if it can capture one Old God thing, I guess that’s why it seems like a good idea to use it on another.

So… Azshara probably knows there is a vacancy in the dagger.

…but another question might be whyever N’zoth gave the dagger to Sylvanas at all…


N’zoth knows the moment he’s free the heroes of Azeroth will swarm across his armies and slaughter him week after week; the dagger isn’t a prison.

It’s sanctuary.


Drop it to me N’zoth! Or i will hunt you down week after week!


I already gave you my battle companion three times already! Isn’t that enough?!


Define “Enough”?

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Oh, yeah. Lmao I haven’t thought about that. Thanks for explaining tho

hmm considering everything seems to be about dreams, so who says the hole raid aint a big dream, where it looks like we kill N´zoth.

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