8.3 Story diologue spoilers

(Koradan) #1

So it seems in 8.3 we get to see the aftermath of 8.2.5

First off it seems that as guessed the horde will not have a new warcheif…

Lor’themar: The Alliance has sent word. They have agreed to the armistice. This bitter war is finally over.
Baine: At last we can begin to heal our wounded Earth Mother… and the wounded Horde as well.
Lor’themar: One question remains. Who will serve as warchief? Perhaps, you, Thrall, would–
Thrall: No. I told Saurfang I would not lead the Horde again.
Thrall: But perhaps the question is not who will become warchief… but whether there should be one at all.
Lor’themar: Though the Horde has changed through the years–for good or ill–our people have always looked to a warchief to guide us forward.
Baine: That legacy must end. The war nearly cost us everything. There is no place for a warchief in a time of peace.
Thrall: It is true–the Horde has changed. Our ranks have grown, and new voices have stepped forth to lead.
Thrall: This is what makes us strong. All of us, building a new future–together.

also it seems finally the darkspear have a offical leader in Rokhan…

Rokhan: Since da death of Vol’jin, da Darkspear been lookin’ ta me ta guide dem.
Rokhan: I been fightin’ for dem a long, long time… but dat don’t mean I deserve ta be deir chieftain.
Baine: I felt much the same when my father died. It happened suddenly, and I feared that I was unprepared to take his place.
Baine: But I was ready, just as you are. You proved that in Zuldazar and at Stromgarde. The Darkspear have faith in you, and so do I.
Rokhan: Heh. Ya best be stoppin’ da flattery, Baine, before it be goin’ ta me head.
Rokhan: But… da Darkspear do be needin’ a leader. A voice on da council. And if it gotta be me… den it be me.
Baine: Trust your judgment, Rokhan. It has led you this far.
Rokhan: It be havin’ a lotta help. From da Darkspear, from da loa… and from da Horde.

Yay darkspear you are no longer leaderless

As for the forsaken to no suprise (and much distain to some) it seems calia will become the new forsaken queen…

Calia: Thank you for coming, Jaina. I wanted you both to know… I have decided to leave Kul Tiras.
Jaina: You’re leaving? Why?
Calia: I received a letter from Lilian Voss of the Forsaken. She asks for my help.
Calia: The Forsaken lost their queen. For many, it’s the second time they’ve been abandoned. They feel adrift. Alone.
Jaina: But Calia, none of that is your–
Calia: They are my people, Jaina. My father gave everything for Lordaeron. I wish to honor him, and to prove worthy of the name I was born with. The name Menethil.
Derek: Right, then. So when do we leave?
Calia: I cannot ask you to come with me, Derek. Kul Tiras is your home.
Derek: I am a Proudmoore, and I always will be. But I’ve changed, and it’s time to see where the tides will take me.
Jaina: I understand, though I will miss you both. Come. Mother and Tandred would never forgive me if I let you leave without a proper farewell.

Note these is more to this meeting but its a very long one so the rest os here

As for the alliance it seems Tyrande (and Genn to a lesser extent) are very much on the to hell with peace…

Anduin: The armistice is signed. At long last, the Fourth War is over.
Tyrande: No. Not while the Black Moon still cries out for vengeance. Not until the Horde has answered for its treachery.
Anduin: Further bloodshed will not bring back the fallen. We must renew our hope and forge a future for those who survived.
Tyrande: And when the next warchief musters an army, will hope save you if it is Stormwind that burns?
Anduin: I know it’s difficult to trust, but there are signs of change within the Horde. In place of a warchief, there is now a council led by Baine, Thrall, and the others. I believe they can–
Tyrande: Your faith is naive, lion son. I will sign no treaty unless it is written in the Banshee’s blood!
Anduin: Tyrande!
Genn: There is truth in her words, Anduin. Peace may be on the table today, but soon enough the Horde will sound their drums and march for war.
Genn: When that day comes, no scrap of parchment will hold them back.
Anduin: The path to peace will not be easy, and not all will choose to walk it. But this is the only way to build a better future. I believe it will work, Genn.

With Tyrande having even harsh words over Anduin’s decision…

Shandris: You spoke harshly to King Anduin, Tyrande. The kaldorei can ill afford to shun the Alliance. They have provided aid and comfort to us in these dark times.
Tyrande: The young king is foolish to trust our enemies. Harsh words should be the least of his fears.
Shandris: The Banshee Queen no longer leads the Horde. Those who do seem more inclined toward peace than war.
Tyrande: If the wolf is rabid, it matters not who rides it. Sooner or later, the beast will bare its fangs.
Shandris: You are dearest to my heart, Tyrande. I beg you, let go of the Black Moon’s rage and embrace the mother’s light once again. I could not bear to lose you to darkness.
Tyrande: Know this. My hunger for vengeance will not be sated so long as Sylvanas Windrunner remains free–and until I know why Elune abandoned her children.
Shandris: Tyrande! Do not say such–
Tyrande: I will tarry no longer in this city of men. Let us leave for the boughs of Nordrassil.
Tyrande: From there we will dispatch the Sentinels to every corner of Azeroth. Let no one rest until the Banshee is found!

So what is everyone opinion on these developments, i for one am happy there will be no more warchief and that the darkspear are getting a offical leader and that the night elves are not just going “oh well peace is signed lets be friends” but i do think the forsaken could have been better with a new desolate council.


starts vomiting and sends threat letters to Blizzard support mail. You wronged our community too many times Blizzard! Our rantings will know no bounds!


I’m looking forward to most of these changes as well, especially the Horde council and that Night Elves don’t just let it go. Tyrande and Shandris’ dialogue suggests that Night Elves will indeed split into two subgroups. I wonder if it really will happen, will it be just some questschains or an actual reputation faction (but still part of Alliance, at least nominally). Tyrande also says that Elune forsook her children. She’s never accused her goddess like this before, even when they’ve suffered. There might be some soul-searching and banshee-hunting for the priestess ahead.

Calia becoming the new Forsaken leader wasn’t what I was hoping for or expecting but I’m curious about why Lillian Voss is the one who suggested it. Calia is lightforged undead instead of regular undead, that is mainly the thing that bugs me. Light can resurrect, Necromancy can reanimate… I don’t get how these two things work like this together when someone is resurrected by three powerful priests and no DK or necromancer.


I’m really excited for all of it. It’s going to be interesting.

(Medaan) #5

I hope that this is the part where Alliance (just like Horde did with camp Saurfang and camp Sylvanas) will get to pick sides, Anduins peace or Tyrande/Gen revenge. Would be fair and if it were the case then LETS KICK SOME HORDE BUTT!!

(Talraea) #6

I for one heartily endorse these developments! Leading the faction with a “Warchief” was always just implying that they were always going to be at war, even when they claimed otherwise. As for Calia, bring her on! With her in charge, I might even want a Forsaken. Not just a bunch of bad villain jokes anymore.

Now we just need it confirmed that Ashenvale and Gilneas are going back to their rightful owners, and this will almost have been worth it.

Only thing I’m worried about is that they’re going to do to Tyrande what they’ve done to so many others: Turn her into a raid boss. I get that she’s angry, she has a right to be, but we’ve been down this road before. She is not Sylvanas, don’t turn her into what she hates! This story has been told too often, and frankly, the Night Elves don’t deserve to have yet another senseless tragedy heaped on them after everything.

Don’t do that to the Night Elves, Blizz. You’re on a roll here, don’t ruin it for yourselves.


You actually deserve this treatment considering how much the alliance community pulled Schadenfreude everytime the Horde got hit with that Batting.


Nobody but Alliance players care for Calia. The RP Community on my server just disbanded over this.


if your rp community was so meek that it can’t even survive Calia it deserved to break you and your so called rp community lack the strength of a true rp’er

(Bazherak) #10

Shandris: You spoke harshly to King Anduin, Tyrande. The kaldorei can ill afford to shun the Alliance. They have provided aid and comfort to us in these dark times.

Goddamit Shandris, disagreeing with Anduin does not equate with shunning the Alliance.

Jesus Christ, I have done nothing but laugh at the stupidity of the plot since Cata, but it seems the stupid has started getting on my nerves as of late.

(Cyrisela) #11

Disapointedno more warchief now all leaders can become boring peace hippies. And with council with next time leader gets villain batted eitger all will at once or 1does and rest imeadtly die.

I swear if fcking calia becomes forsaken leader all that work on story should just imeadtly be replaced

I really hope next expac can not be with either faction but sylv/tyrande and genn.
And bfa gets retconned to hell and back

Excitment abput new patch so far is 0. Wish i could go back to wod atleast dk and classes werent ruined then yet.


So we’re all to be tame alliance pets now, how nice.
Looking forward to three meals a day, regular exercise and lots of cuddles.

(Erahe) #13

I’m happy that the Horde is making a counsel. finally a change for the good in the Horde. this is what all the Thrall/Saurfang/Vol’Jin Idealists have been waiting for.
And I for one am on board with this.
Blizz you did the Horde right this time.


For everyone that believed that the Horde should be ruled by a council, to avoid future evil Warchief, congratulations, you were right.

This also allows every race to voice their opinion.
Wimbert did posted a couple of weeks ago that Thrall implement a flawed government system, too look alike the old Horde, which paved the way for evil Warchiefs.

Calia being the leader of the Forsaken, guarantee now that they are truly refugees who try to run from persecution, because that’s how the Forsaken presented themselves, when they joined the Horde in vanilla.

Also I always thought that Anduin would accept a ceasefire with the Horde, but there would be a price to pay.
That price was:

  • Sylvanas being removed from the Horde.
  • The Horde changing their ways, leadership’s and Forsaken rule.

I hope this is the last faction conflict, or at least the last time a conflict is started by the Horde.
What I mean is: no more more mana bombs, like Theramore, or burning enemy towns with civilians inside, like Teldrassil.

Tyrande will want Horde hide, but than who can blame her ?
I just hope the new council decides to leave Ashenvale for good and reinforce the security perimeter around it, as a dangerous place to never go back.



“The” RP Community, huh? Yeah, that’s news to me, my fellow Aldorette.

Not to mention that would be quite stupid at this point of the leak cycle where most misinterpretations happen.


The forsaken one at least.


Ok, then they are more stupid than I thought. RPers make their own content either way, it wouldn’t be so hard just not to swear fealty to Calia and do their own thing. Indeed, I have yet to see a faction leader do RP at all…


The only good thing about 8.3 lorewise is that I get to watch people like you squirm as the Horde edginess is blunted. I can savor this feeling for weeks.

(Zarao) #19

What a wholesome message!

Good to know that regardless of awful storytelling, Blizzard can still issue satisfaction at players…if only to those that get it from witnessing someone else’s dissatisfaction. :ok_hand:

(Koradan) #20

i wouldnt start throwing shade given the look of worgan heratige armor. :grin:
But in all seriousness keep it respectful.

agreed maybe now blizz wont make the horde the bad guy anymore.