8 Gb vs 16 Gb RAM

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Is there any benefit going from 8GB RAM to 16 GB RAM to play WoW?


Edit: I meant GM not MB ofc. :slight_smile:

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I hope you mean GB RAM becuase otherwise I question how wow can run on your PC :stuck_out_tongue:

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My answer would be this:

Windows Install uses ~2GB, as does WoW. Factor in some version of a GPU swap file the size of your VRAM (dunno how/why, but RAM gets allocated to this) & you’ll typically get to 8GB.

16GB gives you some overhead for letting you PC do background stuff…

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Ok, thanks for the clarification, i apreciate it.

Since we are talking about this i have one more question:

I use 2 x 4Gb ram, so i can add 1 extra stick with 8Gb or i must add 2 x 4Gb?

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Depends on the motherboard.

It’s likely you will need to upgrade to 2x 8Gb sticks tho.

In your case I would go here: (page wont let me put a link in…) uk DOT crucial DOT com
Paste that into your browser (with the dots) and find the memory scanner from there.

And have the app scan your memory type and spare slots.

You’ll see something like this - this is for my computer and not yours tho.

## Your ASUS [TUF Gaming FX504]

### memory

* Maximum Memory:32GB
* Standard Memory:8GB removable
* Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1)

So for my system I have only 2 banks, and I can occupy 2x 16Gb if I wanted to.

There is also notes on the speed of the memory. Keep it consistent and get the same speed when ordering new memory.

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Thanks for the help Exris.

I will check that out later when im home from work.


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Late to the party but it’ll depend how familiar you are with your motherboard, and/or whether you bought or built your PC.
As @Exris alluded to, knowledge of your ‘board will enable you to get access to its’ user manual, from there you’ll be able to confirm how it likes the RAM slots to be populated - also be aware that your existing RAM will dictate what further RAM you can add to the system, as mixing RAM can cause system crashes.

The simplest way to make 8 into 16GB is to get two 8GB sticks (usually a ‘kit’ of 16GB) and swap one-for-one in the slots in use. If by chance you’re able to match the RAM timings, you ‘should’ be able to use the 8GB you already have to add to the new 16GB, but primarily if you have additional slots to put them in; some 'boards only have 2 slots, many others have 4.

In case I went into ‘tech. mode’ too deep, apologies…

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you can easily run wow with 8gb. But u will have problems with the performance a bit also u cant put to high graphs becuz of ur low amount of RAM size. So you must run in mid and not run too many apps background…

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