9/9HC 1/9M DH + Warrior LF Guild (H OR A)


Hello there,

We are an Ilvl 401 Havoc DH and Ilvl 400 Arms/Fury Warrior both looking for a new guild.

We are both active players who are currently 9/9 HC 1/9 Mythic. (Uldir 6/8Mythic)
We are friendly and relaxed people yet earn to strive.
The reason we are currently looking for a new raiding guild is due to our current one disbanding.

We would preferably like a guild that aims to progress Mythic content 2/3 times a week max/3 hours. However we are open to change this if the right guild comes along.

Horde/Alliance/Realm is no issue, as we are able to move or transfer if needed.
We also enjoy pushing Mythic + (10+ Keys)

Can provide logs/more information upon request.

Thanks for reading


Hi Auriel, Add Connor#2509 ingame and we can talk :smiley:


Thank you for the reply, will add you on bnet when I get the chance.


Awsome ! :smiley: