90 reputation achievement not accurately tracking progress

Greetings all, :wave:

I’m very curious to if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
I’ve already contacted a GM and received a response just advising me to submit a bug, which I have done but will probably not hear anything back from that team.

Basically like the title, my progress towards the 90 Exalted Rep achievement is not tracking correctly in game. I am not dependent on any reps outside of one character, my Paladin Ryai, is who I have always completed rep grinds on, so logging other alts e.t.c. isn’t my issue.

I have the achievement for 80 exalted reps. When I click on the 90 exalted reps achievement the tracking bar incorrectly just says 18/90. It should say 83/90.
If I check my characters profile on Wowhead profiler it correctly shows 83 exalted reps.

Has anyone else had this happen? Did you complete a rep achievement once you maxed the required number regardless of how the ingame achievement is tracking your progress? Please, let me know. :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same problem but with the 40 exalted reputations achievment, GM told me to post under a parent thread for the bug on US forums.

Basically it seems like my main characters reputation doesnt count towards the achievment.

I have the “35 Exalted Reputations Achievment”, but progress towards 40 is 18/40 though i have surpassed 40 reputations at exalted (on one character).

I count 81 on your armory profile. Either way, I would only worry if it didn’t trigger once you get to 90 on a single character and then open a ticket. The progress tracker might by bugged indeed but the achievement should trigger still.

The achievment does not trigger, I can confirm it. :frowning:

Hey everyone,

The tracker on certain reputation achievements seems to be a bit broken currently. This is being worked on currently and should be resolved in the near future.

The achievement will trigger if you reach the appropriate number of factions.

For example if you have the 80 Exalted Reputations, and the tracker shows some very low number (as with Ryai’s example above), if the character reaches the 90 Exalted Reputations then the achievement will be awarded.

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It will NOT trigger. I was at 16/90 according to counter. Armory shoved me at 89/90 and ingame I was at 90/90 (for some reason armory didn’t show the Nightfallen). So I pushed 2 exalted reputations and should be at 92, but I wasn’t awarded the 90 exalted achievement.


No, It doesn’t award the achievement.

I have “70 exalted reps” achievement. If i look into Statistics -> Character -> Reputaton – It shows the total number of exalted factions is 80. I don’t have “80 exalted reps” achievement; Its broken and shows 32/80.

Got the same issue. tracker says 21/70 even with 71 exalted on one char.

I am near 100 rep so but too lazy do last rep.

I can do laughing skull or Darkmoon rep to finish 100.

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