9.05 mmr nerfed?

haven’t you noticed that the mmr is lower since patch 9.05?

… What? Do you even understand what that means? :rofl:

To begin with, you can’t judge that from your own games. Anyone can be at any rating from top to bottom, all you do is just occupy a spot somewhere inbetween.

And as already explained, having that kind of exp doesn’t make it so they automatically play at the top ratings all the time.

This isn’t even a system you can judge based on top rating either, because the system can create points anywhere, and it can delete points anywhere. For example, you see a larger congestion of people at much lower rating this season compared to expansions like Legion, partly because of boosters industrializing their boosting service at that very low rating, as well as gear differences being so huge and borrowed powers differences being so huge that a lot more people are losing much more of their placement games than they used to, so their own MMR doesn’t climb up the same way it used to.

This thread doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Since you didn’t get an answer, no, of course not.

Which is why I covered it with that supposition. Everything mentioned is also neutral from that statement as well.
And reason I was asking is because they were for a while on beta, I just didn’t remember if they stuck with that change or not, since they did stick with the glad mount and glad title change. Hence the question.

The rest is all written in a way that it doesn’t matter what the answer is though.

I was able to read. Still, you didn’t know, so I gave you the answer. That’s as simple. It doesn’t warrant a novel or a justification as to why it mattered two posts later or something.

Is it ? No, it is not. Oh Okay. The End.


Shadowlands has seen tremendous participation in Arena with the number of unique players and total matches exceeding those seen in recent seasons. As some have noted, this level of participation has had some unintended effects at the very top of the ladder. The nature of our rating system means that the more people that participate, the more likely it is that the very best players in the world will reach extremely high matchmaking ratings. In this case, a number of players have reached the upper boundary of our rating system and as a result, they may achieve victories that don’t result in rating increases. Since the number of players capable of playing at this level is limited, if they choose not to participate, it becomes difficult for those players immediately below them to also gain rating.

We have two solutions to this problem, one of which is already in place and the other will take effect with weekly restarts on Tuesday.

First, over the past 7 years World of Warcraft has had a rating inflation system in place that increases the mean rating of competitors at a rate of 10 points per week (note: This is the rate of increase for clarity but the number is actually increasing with each second). This means that the number that all ratings – including the highest rating possible – are calibrated at increases by 10 points each week, so players that continue playing throughout the season have an advantage compared to those who stop when it comes to end of season rewards. Ultimately, if high end players choose not to play, their rating will be overcome by those who do.

Second, we are going to increase the upper bound of our matchmaking rating system with weekly restarts this week. This should mean that players at the top of the ladder should have less matches that reward no rating change.

We appreciate everyone letting us know about this issue and hope that the upcoming increase the matchmaking cap will improve the situation for the few players affected.


why not just add decay instead of doubling down on inflation? all this does is fix the problem for a week until whaazz and raiku hit the new cap of 3.6k or whatever arbitrary number you set it to this time


Cool, hopefully that means there will be some queues again :slight_smile:

Although this MMR change only affects a minority. Another problem affecting the arena participation atm is that we are missing some gear changes.

Right now a lot of people feel like they get massively outgeared in lower brackets. This means they get frustrated and feel as if they can’t progress and as a result stops playing arena.

One solution could be to cap the max ilvl to the bracket, so if you play on challenger mmr both teams will have a capped ilvl at 213, rival 220, etc


Assuming they don’t bug it like… whole bfa :slight_smile:

The BFA scaling was a cluttered mess. All they would have to do is something similar to MoP challenge mode - capping items at a certain ilvl

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@Linxy That isn’t really what the OP said though. He argued that r1 players should be higher rated, when they weren’t. Not that the MMR of the match itself was mismatched.

So basically, you’re saying the “roof is being lifted” but without the top rated players needing to queue into each other for that to happen? So you’re essentially making it more rewarding for those much higher in the MMR to win against the lower rated in the MMR?

I’m gonna assume you’re still not gonna shave off points when the much lower rated team loses in those mismatched MMR matchups, but you’re gonna let the much higher rated team win more points when they beat 'em?

Seems like it’ll cause a big inflation at the higher end of the ladders.


Nice little trick there, of course it has seen larger participation figures than BFA, and the end of Legion as well. Because they were dead seasons.
Still doesn’t really justify making the lower rated farmable by the higher rated when the top rated can’t find matches at their own MMR.

Stricter decay would be better, instead of inflating the numbers while making wintrading even easier to do.


Nice to see some effort to fix this issue.

Now, if you want to increase participants once more I think you need to make some changes to Honor system at least. 15000 cap is too low. Plus if you enable honor transfer from mains to alts it would be nice because 197 gear is already not a big deal.

I am someone with above average playtime and I think preparing an alt is too time consuming which discourage people from having an alt or another alt. Only reasons are not Conquest or Honor required, Renown and Torghast are musts too for a PvPer. As a result we see less ques and less new names on LFG.

It would be nice if you can take a look at catchup things especially about Torghast, 235 require 1 month Torghast I suppose.

You should encourage alts because people might make more alts for 1800 transmog sets and participate more for different armor types.


Community manager in arena thread? Is it 1st april still? :hushed:


It’s just the Blizzard CM team making a conscious effort to communicate better with EU a bit more. You could see a few blue posts here a couple of months ago as well iirc.

That’s what the post was addressed to originally, and then just a copypaste to whatever they could find that mentioned MMR in here, even though it wasn’t what the OP was talking about per se.

What’s funny is that people in that US thread also asks for a better decay system to incentivize more regular participation at the top end.

Instead they chose to create more points of inflation even when the system can’t find matches for those top players at their own ratings.

It’s just a way to prevent ladder deflations after a drop in player participation, which unfortunately also makes wintrading easier to pull off.


Well you forced people to do pvp with your rewards system. Even though you said, “in SL, people wil play what they like”.

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  • Rating decay system if you don’t play X amounts of games per week (Would stop people from sitting their rating at the top end of the ladder) - Don’t make it a high number, just 1-5 wins maybe

  • Ongoing balancing throughout the entire season, the balancing has been to bad that rogues are still onehitting you this late into the season (for example). The only former fotm specs that have been taken care of are WW monks and Holy paladins. Underperformers have also mostly been ignored and the meta has been very stale

  • Removing factions from PvP and merging the title cutoffs for both factions again. Combining both Horde and Alliance lfg for PvP would make it easier for people to find partners

  • Potential soloQ system for 3v3 and a seperate ladder for it (although with restrictions and customization options so that a dk doesn’t get paired with a mage for example)

  • Better (and more) pvp rewards above 1800

These are some fixes you should consider


Introduce Soloque rated maybe?

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This game is so messed up. The only thing that would really improve anything is if classes were more balanced and equal. No class would be standing out like ret/rogue/warrior/boomie. Which would lead to people not being so picky-going for meta because there would be no meta. Therefore more people would get to play, less people left out.

Getting rid of factions would solve nothing, same crap different day.

EDIT: Solo queue would only make things worse. It would be a toxic disaster.


you got a nerve to post that as a mage xDDD


Yes exactly this hateful and toxic behavior is the sole reason why the game sucks su much. Instead if trying to find a solution, go for hate instead.