9.2.5 simplify fated dinar system

The above link describes in detail how the dinar system is planned to work.

The system is overly complicated and reinforces the gear differences between a casual player (e.g. 2- raid session per week) with a hardcore raider (4+ sessions per week).

Where we are now

It is ok for everyone to go at their own pace but it currently feels horrible to run a casual raiding guild and that’s not ok.

for groups of average players of similar skills and knowledge of the game/content
The less time you have to invest in raiding the less boss you kill and the less items drop on them per week. The less item choices you get in your weekly vault and the lesser their quality as well.

Currently at 8/11 HM, one of our player just acquired his 4p this week and another is still at 257 ilvl while both are at 100% attendance. Gear just doesn’t drop from doing raid with a casual schedule.

It then always feels better to go do mm+ 15 and above as this content is at the same time easier to plan, execute and more rewarding…

Where we will be at 9.2.5

The dinars will help acquire gear, though casual groups will get them later than others and will be encouraged to stick to normal mode at least for the 6 first weeks in order to complete the dinar quests.

The shards will encourage the same attitude as players will want to pool as many as possible before jumping into heroic in order to upgrade their gear. It will take a very long time for people with limited weekly time to get best gear (basically not changing at all the situation for them) and make it easier for people with extended gaming schedule to get access to their best gear.


    1. Instead of multiple currencies : make it the same for purchasing items and upgrading them.
    1. Instead of shards dropping on boss kills, which increases the gap between casual and hardcore players : make it a weekly quest that requires a specific trash kill (ToT style or ToS raid WQ style) or specific boss kill (end of aisle boss for instance)
    1. Don’t limit the number of items people can purchase during the season, people change spec, balance changes, etc. This is only going to feel bad and people will only feel like they’ve wasted their precious resource or made the wrong purchase. Especially when some specs use two-handed weapons and some two one hand weapons. Meaning that some players will be able to purchase their two trinkets and others only one.

I agree! I cannot even think of any software company who constantly seeks for the most confusing solution.

One currency, non gated drops, and that’s it. How hard can it be?

I just want to ask to take into account dual wielding classes.

Their systems and complicated ways of doing things give me headaches.