9.2.5's Slimesaber-time to get catty! (plus a Belf heritage musing)

It’s rewarded from Fates of the Shadowlands Raids (can’t say the name for some weird reason, but it is what was referred to during that Vote for Free Shadowlands Mount poll as the Gooey Slimesaber), but correct me if I’m wrong: The wording on the description seems to make it seem time-limited until presumably pre-patch at the earliest. I feel it should be in the game permanently, seeing as the Ancient and Spelltome also follow suit with their sources.

Add the slime cat to Back From the Beyond as a second reward. That meta has a ton of content to chew through, so it seems more than worth it!

Then we’re left with what to slap onto Fates of the Shadowlands Raids. Here’re my suggestions:

  1. Those automa that look like Automated Defense Matrix
  2. Cloudstrider
  3. Sinstone golem
  4. Stygian death elemental, looking like or perhaps similar to Stygian Stonecrusher or Stygian Monolith
  5. A ground mount Soul eater. This one I’m kinda leaning towards personally because it gives PVE players their own version of the arena mounts. We didn’t get one for BFA, so I figure we’ll need one of these bad boys at some point. Now’s a better time than ever!

PS Please update the model for Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider. Not sure if Heritage mounts are gonna be a thing, but it’d be nice to have the updated model that’s been used for the Warstrider. DIDs get the darkhound model, so show the opposite side some love, too!