97 guilds at 8/8M

Will we be able to cross realm mythic Eternal Palace in the next reset if three more guilds get 8/8?


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myth cr opens when the first 100 guild of both faction finish the raid, for us ally will take more than horde

Incomng threads from guilds who went Horde that it’s absurb that they won’t able to do crossrealm mythic EP after abandoning Alliance. Go back! Yes Method (one of the first who went away after Cata ended) and Co. go back to your roots!

Nope both sides.

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oh my bad then, was kinda sure of this it was connected to the top 100 title

100 of each faction. We’re still weeks away

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Just to confirm this, when both the Horde and Alliance Halls of Fame have been completed, that’s when Mythic Eternal Palace will become available for cross-realm groups.


so basically 9.0?

edit: looking at the alliance side, thats actually horrible!

  1. only 20 have completed EP WORLDWIDE
  2. only 4 in europe
  3. only 1 english realm in europe.

i almost feel sad for alliance, i didn’t realise the gap was sooooooo bad.

blizzard, you really need to do something :\


They really don’t. A long time ago there was imbalance that made playing Horde objectively better, now thats not the case anymore.

Just because the absolute top of PvE progress is horde favored does not mean there is a problem as a whole, faction balance has been and will continue being acceptably equal.

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Faction balance is not equal why do you have players complaining about the 30 percent buff that alliance gets in warmode, because they have to be bribed to go into warmode?

There are more horde players and more horde guilds in WOW, for numerous reasons but to say that the population is evenly split is a falsehood.


People under 120 or who only do pet battles or LFR isn’t community over 70% of the active playerbase is Horde at endgame. Stop finding excuses to talk this situation good. Take the world wide EP mytic clears, 100+ Horde guilds when Alliance only has managed to get 20. We are talking about the population willing or playing end game, yes face it. There is a huge imbalance. Look at how most servers are majority Horde alongside M+, PvP and raiding guilds/groups/communities.

Alliance players are also known to have more alts in general, and yet Horde still has more chars at 120 than Alliance if you filter at 120. Let me guess the next excuses “Alliance guilds/Method just liked how cool trolls looked that’s why they faction changed!”.

You have no idea what you are talking about .
Horde out numbers the allaince by about 15% and rising.
Ravencrest was a full server now med to high.
Alliance is bleeding players day after day don’t come here and spout nonsense.
You can check realmpop and wowprogress for facts it might help you stop posting untruths.

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The problem with faction imbalance can be lessened to an extent with a simple solution by allowing random groups for PVP and dungeons to be comprised by members of both factions at once. It wouldn’t ruin the faction fantasy because we are long over that and there’s already PVP mercenary mode which Horde can take part in to reduce their queue times. Also it could have a positive impact on high quality gear and player role distribution balancing in random BGs.

Horde PVE performance puts Alliance to shame, and people have for long shared the opinion that the majority of the best players are on the opposite faction. It has become so bad that it feels hopeless to stay on Alliance. No doubt it would encourage more players to participate more frequently in such activities knowing they might end up with better players on their team as opposed to standard undergeared casuals they are used to playing with.

It would help with the queues at certain level ranges greatly and breathe some life into the game. This of course is just a bandaid fix. There’s still problems with warmode and with putting a hard player cap on a specific phase of the zone.

This Hall of Fame nonsense is just Blizzard doubling down on something that inherently wasn’t implemented with consideration to the problems they themselves created, fostered to grow this severe, and then ignored for the last few years. The game is still fun, it’s just forcing this stubborn stance that makes players cancel their subscriptions.

My server has been long dead. From being a premiere Alliance hub, it turned into graveyard. Maybe it’s hard to admit to the company that combining servers would give the public a hint that the game is not as popular as it once way, but I like many others would gladly risk losing my character names if it meant having a live in-game economy with reasonable auction house price postings, where people don’t just put high demand items hoping to trick users into spending six figures on a single transaction. Not only is there noone to do Mythic raids with, the cost of doing so is drastically higher (materials and consumables).

I have many top level characters with leveled professions, sadly they’re all on Alliance. I’m not really in a mood to cash out for a single transfer, let alone for rest of my alts. Cross realm groupping does much for players like me, offering somewhat endless options, but it doesn’t mask the fact that my server is dead and that the faction as a whole has become a meme.

Cross realm mythic raiding will never be available thanks to faction imbalance caused by Blizzard.

Keep nerfing Alliance racials. Make night elf racial “Become invisible only lasts 3 seconds” and draenei racial “Heals for %5 of the hp” instead 20. So that you will have your perfect goal accomplished. I was actually surprised when I see Void Elf racial %5 damage increase, they must’ve accidently pressed number 5 instead of 1.

Orcs are dominating arenas, trolls are dominating raids with the haste. Legion mythics were dominated by Blood Elf racial silence and Tomb of Sargeras with goblin racial. Yet the best PvP race Human got a nerf at the start of Legion. Perfect balance.

Even if you wait 1 more year we will not complete the hall of fame of Eternal Palace in this state :smiley_cat:


I remember when I first started playing WoW everyone I met said; Kids go Alliance Adults go Horde. :rofl:

I think people are just finally clicking on to the fact that Horde is da’ best mon’!

Jokes aside do any of the racials on either side make a big enough difference to warrant the faction change for top end players?

Horde racial certainly ‘seem’ stronger on paper for the majority.


Not really. There was a brief moment during Legion with the Kil’jaeden encounter, where some classes simply had to be Goblin in order to not die. That forced some Alliance -> Horde transfers. But otherwise it’s not the racials that matter anymore as far as faction balance goes.

Got facts to support this absurd claim?

well but then again low content is not the problem.

its like playing on a low pop server. you get your hc clears, m+ stuff so quick done thanks to xrealm dungeons/hc raid, like within 2weeks to 435 ilvl, that mythic raiding is the next step. But suddenly there is no guild on your server and you can either quit the game because no more raid progress can be done or xfer your char for money to a big realm.

we need xrealm/connected realm also on top for mythic raiding finally, there is enough people for hc/normal pugs.

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More like months

so you might as well make a blanket statement that reads ‘cross realm mythic raid grouping own’t be available while the raid instance of that tier is current content due to the severe lack of alliance guilds willing and able to complete the hall of fame’, and i genuinely hope that the ‘leak’ that in 9.0 there will be no faction distinction and you finally get rid of this archaic and forced ‘faction war’ that hasn’t been relevant for more than a decade now is finally scrapped for good.

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Yes indeed Ion Hazikostas stated this in a Q&A it was 46% alliance which pretty balanced it’s just top mythic raiding guild are like 90% in horde which dosent mean the overall is the same as stated by Ion himself.