(A) 401 Warlock Lf Raiding Guild



I’m currently looking for a 2day per week semi-hardcore raiding guild, that is a fairly small group of players. I’m hoping to join a guild that takes their gameplay seriously and always look to improve (logs, analyzer etc). My interest is mostly for m+ and raiding, but also have an interest in pvp every now and then.

My current experience is just clearing BoD normal but fully aware of tactics and believe I just need the right guild to push forwards.

Please get in contact if you feel you’re a good fit.



Hey mate,

whats your stance on moving realms to find the right place? You sound like you’d fit well into what I’m building at the moment, 2 nights per week raiding, dedicated evenings for pushing keys with fellow guild members, and a strong desire to improve ourselves. my discord is Gidif#8506 if you’d like any more info :slight_smile:

About us: Formed by a small core of players who’ve had their fair share of guilds over the years, House Hurricane aims to be a home for all matter of wow players. Our primary focus is on PvE progression, whether it be mythic+ or raiding, we hope to offer a friendly, enjoyable experience for our members.

What we offer you:

* A fresh friendly experience within a community.
* Help and guidance to help you become a better player.
* A social experience where you feel excited to log in and say “Hello”.
* A Raiding experience as part of a unit where everyone strives for the same goals and achievements.

What we want:

* Players with a strong sense of manners, maturity and good quality about themselves.
* Drive to be the best of yourself for others around you.
* People looking to be part of a team community for the long term.
* We want each and every one of our members to enjoy it here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals.

Our roster is filling up nicely!

Still some spots we need filling are dps (DH and RDPS mostly but all would be welcome) :slight_smile:

(Yowshi) #3

Hey Saywhaa

We’re looking for a warlock to join our 9/9M team going into Azshera’s Eternal Palace!

We raid 3 times a week and I know you’re ideally looking for 2 days. Maybe you can make it work?

Our raid days and times are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 21:00-00:00st.

We’re a 14 year old Alliance guild on Emerald Dream offering a stable home where raids happen like clockwork.

If this sounds of interest please add me on bnet for a chat - tricky#2757

Hope to hear fom you.



Hey mate
We’re a community that could potentially sound like something for you?

Read below and see if you think it’s a fit.

Mad cuz bad - [Alliance]

A chill group of friends through 5+ years who raid cross-realm (meaning only up to and including heroic raids). Most of us are 25+, leading busy lives IRL, which is why we prefer not to raid Mythic and not waste too much time during our raids. We expect people to perform as good as possible and hold people to these standards. That being said, we have a super relaxed raiding atmosphere. No one will yell or flame, we have good bants and if someone is under-performing, we’ll talk about it 1 on 1 rather than call out during raid. Maturity is a key-word here (although not when it comes to bants!) :sweat_smile:

We’re done with BoD ages ago and both Crucible HC bosses got defeated in less than 5 pulls combined. We’re looking to strengthen our roster a bit for Eternal Palace and onward. We aim to clear the content on heroic within 1-3 weeks, then we farm for a few weeks and play alts, etc. We have a decently healthy m+ community as well, with our raiders ranging from 1200-2300 io, depending on how much they care about m+.

  Looking for:
   Melee: Demon Hunter, Rogue, Death Knight, Monk, Feral
   Ranged: Boomkin, Mage, Spriest, Warlock
   Healer: Druid, Shaman

However, if you are none of these and this sounds like a place for you, then feel free to contact me anyway. We’re 16 strong atm and have been anywhere from 10 and up to 30 people since we started in WoD. There’s always room for a few like-minded players! :grin:

We raid twice a week wednesday and sunday from 19.30 to 22.30 during progress. Our community is active on discord including, as mentioned m+, and also other games.

Our rules and code of conduct are very simple: be nice, play well.

If this sounds like something for you, then feel free to contact me on battle.net: nibu#1344 or here on the forums. :relaxed:

Thanks for reading.


Still looking.