[A] 411 ARMS Warrior LF Raiding Guild, mythic+


Hello there, my name is Artysionog, I am currently looking for an active guild to play with
I have been playing actively since Legion, and did Curve on Cthuun and Jaina, I also did 5/9 M and 3/9 on BoD, mostly because I had school and didnt have time. Otherwise im willingly to learn and progress hardcore, i have all addons, Im also used to buy tokens so i have no problem buying the right mats/food for the raid night.
Im available almost everyday, I have no problem with english, im fluently speaking and im used to socialize.
Im looking also for an social guild with nice people, and some normies yeet.
Anyways, I do also have a Mage 380 ilvl ready to gear her up.
Im 19 years old, and from now on i should have plenty of free time so im hoping to get cutting edge.
I also look for RGBs, i only did 1900 in season 1.
I also dont have a problem with transferring my char.


Here we go again is a newfound guild on the server kazzak.

Our goal is to progress trought the content getting Curve and CE without the stress of the most hardcore guilds.

Our raidtime are from 21/21:30 till 24 SVT to give the possiblity to people to raid at more comfortable hours.

If you are interested in joining or just to have a chat contact me (#gnappy2181 bnet) (murthag#6614 discord)

(#crim2246 bnet)


Considered going horde? :wink:

we are still looking for a fury war! we did 5/9m bod and are looking to progress further into the palace

if so feel free to give me a shout. dnkykong#9571

(Beckmiester) #4

Hey there please add me.


(Yowshi) #5

Hey Artysionog

We’re full on Warriors right now but if you’d consider maining your mage and you’d be up for moving servers, please add me for a chat on bnet - tricky#2757

9/9 mythic, an established 14 year old guild where raids aren’t cancelled. We are recruiting for our core team not the bench.

Hope to hear from you.



Already added, thanks for the response