{A} 469 iLVL Hunter LF Raid guild

< Drizztz>

BattleTag: GAL# 21615

Faction: Alliance


Class and Spec: Hunter BM

iLvL: 469 equiped


Rio: 1.8k (and getting higher score everyday)



EP:8/8 HC


I started this hunter from 2 weeks after the 8.3 and before that i played restro druid sence the start of BFA.

I dont have alot of Mythic raiding experience but im easy learner and after finished HC NY couple of times im ready to improve my skill in mythic raiding.

I’m looking for a guild who do Higher M+ key and raiding two/three times a week around 20:00 PM+ to play there as a raider.

Hi Drizztz. Rome in a Day is recruiting at the moment. We raid twice a week Monday and Thursday 2030-0000ST, currently 3/12M. There are plenty of mythic+ groups each week and we’re friendly and welcoming.

If you’d like to find out more, please just add me on Bnet!