[A] 470 Rogue is looking for a guild

Hey there,

I am looking for a active raiding guild to be a part of, not just for raiding but also for other stuff, be it M+ or just chilling on Discord/TeamSpeak.
The guild im looking for should be aiming to progress as far into mythic content as possible without having more than 2 days of raiding a week(excluding optional alt runs) and without being some kind of elitist group that values dps and r io rating over everything. (Open to realmchanging if i fit into your guild :slight_smile: )

About me:
I started actively raiding in Legion as a Monk heal, clearing every raid with my former guild. At the start of BfA i took an extended break due to University and have just recently gotten back into WoW (cleared HC multiple times on different chars by now).

As a sidenote: I am 23 y/o and german, should that be of relevance to you :slight_smile:

So if any guild is interested feel free to add my battle tag Pavarati#2124, or my discord Bene#5761