[a] <a f t e r l i f e>

Hi Ravencrest!

< A F T E R L I F E > is a new guild on Ravencrest Alliance. We’re primarily looking to build a community of like-minded, highly-skilled players who want push Mythic+ Keys and compete at high ratings in PvPs & RBGs, as well as help build a small raid team to clear Ny’alotha weekly.

Our plan is to clear heroic, get curve, and pick up any gear that might be needed, but it won’t be the focus of the guild. We’re not going to put the time and commitment in that’s required for a Mythic Raid Guild, but we’d like to accrue a roster of players who are capable of clearing difficult content, without turning playing wow into a second job.

If you’re looking for a chilled out environment of skilled players to work on current and future goals, drop one of our Officers a message on Battle.Net!


Hit us up Ingame or on Battlenet!
Ezenko - Griggsy#2898
Wrexz - Wrexz#2102

Raid Team is getting more and more full, however, we could really use a Tank or 2

Still need tanks?

What times do you raid?

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