[A] Abstine (Hellfire) 2/9 HC LF ranged dps


Only a few days to go to the new raid! Why not come and see if you would like to experience it with us?

STill looking for dps,and if you are ranged, then all the better :slight_smile:

(Bunnye) #22

Still looking for people to join us, just wondered do any people actually play warriors since I hardly see them


Still looking for more dps for the new raid! Come and join us!

(Libbi) #24

Excited for the new raid? Come and have a chat with us!

We are looking for dps, especially ranged!


Still looking for dps to join us!

(Libbi) #26

Just a few more dps to join us. Why not come and take a look? :slight_smile:


Still recruiting bunch of DPS to join our squad. Cookies included!


Still in need of 1 healer and couple of DPS to join our ranks. 3/9 HC currently and progressing towards 4/9.

Bnet – Nyobe#2121 / Discord – Ash#3792
Bnet - Glaeran#2987 / Disord - Glaeran#1494


Progressing steadily though heroic, come join our ranks! Healers and ranged dps please!!!