(A) -Alpha Alliance- Raiding guild looking for you!

                  **Alpha Alliance**

About us:
Alpha Alliance is looking to clear all of the major content, with a tight-knit dedicated team of solid players. We started with a large group of friends who have all raided at top end content over the game’s history. We also collectively have experience in classic content.

What we are looking for:
We are not accepting drama, loot driven players or otherwise immature behaviour. The goal is to clear all content and have fun whilst doing so. We aim to create a friendly and open guild, with some vicious banter coupled alongside it. You need to have a drive to play well, and improve when necessary. We don’t ask perfection, but laziness and slacking will not get you very far here.

All applications will be considered if exceptional.

Raid Info:
Currently we are recruiting all types of players, but we will be particularly interested in those who are interested in long-term positions in our guild.

Our current raid schedules is Friday 7-10.30 UK time (8-11.30 Server time).

We also offer a guild bank and a very active discord.

If you are interested, contact Exdeath, Septictank/Eimhear, Jonie, Nahdrina, for more information.

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