[A] <Annex> 9/10 HC Raiding guild Recruiting Heal/DPS

We are an active semi-casual raiding guild.

We respect players for playing their class and expect that they will get the most out of that character.

If people need help with their character we are willing to help them.

Our goal for every tier is to complete Heroic and then progress through Mythic.

We think Annex is unique and worth joining because we have a transparent and open way of thinking.

Our Raiding Environment

We care about progressing with a relaxing and fun atmosphere. This means that we will joke around (maybe a bit too much sometimes) but when it’s needed we are focused to get that kill. We expect people to bring at least enough flasks and food to a raid night.

Other Events

Our Alt runs

We call it the “The Annex Alt Run Drinking Game”, during this run, we have a list of rules that are based on a mistake of some sort and you have to drink. The rules can be found on our website: annex-guild[.]com/drinking

M+ Run Race

The concept is quite simple, multiple of the same keys, multiple groups and the winner gets a prize.

Raiding Days Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00

The alt run will be most of the time held on a Friday or Saturday.

Currently Recruiting!

We are recruiting at the moment.

Looking for Healers & Ranged DPS, all may apply!

Tank/Healer offspec would be fantastic.

Our BattleTags: Zattanna#2481

**Discord: **https://discord.gg/Te6WS7m

Hi there! I have 2 mains
Sagesong - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)
Sageforest - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)
Latelly i played mainly with my resto, but also like my retri. So its your choise. For me the priority is to belong to a serious guild

Forgot my id Orion#24398 feel free to add me

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