[A] <Ascendance> is recruiting! - [Golemagg EU]


Ascendance is a raiding guild for those among us who work, live, relax and have a hunger to raid. Ascendance has always been a top guild, from Vanilla all the way up to Legion. At our peak we were one of the top 10 guilds worldwide.

With the return of Classic WoW, members from different generations have come back together to start playing again. Our Raid Leader and Officers were with us during our top 10 years and are determined to clear all the content classic has to offer. We want you to join our ranks!

Currently we’re looking for the following classes and roles:

  • Holy Paladin
  • Mage
  • Warlock

But if you are interested and not one of the classes mentioned above please get in touch to try your luck!

Additional information:
We cleared BWL 8/8 on our first night there. We raid every Wednesday at 20:00, invites go out at 19:45 and the raid ends at 24:00 (all server time). If you are the right fit for us, you will be mature, but will want to be involved with some good old friendly banter. If you want to join our ranks, please PM me or add me to discord and we can have a chat. Discord is Pyronus#2960

Thanks for reading and see you ingame.

Always good to find some new blood. If you’re interested just /w anyone online and they’ll point you in the right direction!

Still looking to recruit some melee dps!

Still recruiting!

Still got room!

Y’all still in need of some dps?

Now also looking for a mage and a warlock!

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BWL is close now! :smiley: Join us!

BWL Inc still need a few

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