[A] <Avatar> [Hardcore] is recruiting for TBC – Earthshaker


Is TBC your game? Then we are looking for you! We are Avatar. The previous years we played under different banners on most of the TBC private servers. We have experienced everything from Karazhan to Kil’Jaeden. Now we are preparing for TBC Classic.

Start Hardcore, play Semi-HC

We will start TBC as a hardcore guild for the first 10 days in order to clear content as fast as we can. The goal will be world top 10. Expect to play 18 hours a day during launch. After that we will tune down so we can have a life next to the game. We will raid 3 nights a week of which 2 are mandatory (Split Raiding), during our raids we strive to be extremely efficient. On new content releases we will adjust and will clear the new content directly.


Our core business will be PVE. But a big part of our core is very hyped to play Arena and BG’s, and thus we will accommodate an active PVP section in the guild and will host weekly arena nights and other PVP events.


The big announcement has dropped! The coming months will be spent further preparing individual characters. Being near Vanilla BiS-geared is mandatory. Furthermore, we have a test environment set up that we will begin practicing and preparing for release in.

What are we looking for?

  • People who are hyped for TBC and want to play it on a high level (PVE and PVP), while still being able to have a life.
  • Absolute dedication and reliability.
  • People who have a lot of knowledge of and experience in TBC.
  • People who want to have fun!

Interested in joining? And in the optional LAN party at launch in Demark?! Please see the discord for more information or send a DM to Linadillar#2199 or to YoLohse#8943 (Be aware that Discord is case sensitive).


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Seems like a guild for the coolest of people!

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That’s why I would like to le bump

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With TBC launch having just been leaked this is THE guild to be in if you ply Ally on Earthshaker and want to be competitive in TBC!

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yes bump is a complete sentence

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sooo hyped!!!


Bumping the post

Bumping the post


Still got room! Also interested in players that want to pull off a one-sit Karazhan.

Best of luck, i´ll be cheering for you.
WTB Stream, so i can watch you race from School/work


Announcement inc, let’s go!

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Counting down for tonight alr?

This has to be BUMPED

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