[A] Bad Alts [12/12m] - Weekend raiding guild Silvermoon Recruiting for shadowlands!

Bad Alts of Silvermoon(EU) is a very close group of people, but not in a sense that joining makes you feel like you’re intruding and everything is one massive inside joke you’re not allowed to know. We go out of our way to include new people, especially if you go out of your way to get involved with us. Besides being called Bad Alts most of our members raid exclusively with us!

We are in High Demand of:

  • DPS warrior

  • Deathknight

  • Disc Priest

  • Warlock

  • Elemental/Resto Shaman

We would also currently consider exceptional applicants of any class for shadowlands and N’zoth Mythic progress.

We are the type of guild who expects our raids to be of a high-standard with a good amount of progress, but without having to play hours and hours on end. Our aim is to clear Mythic using only 2 raid days per week.
Our raid days are:

Friday: 20.00-24.00
Saturday: 20.00-24.00

We also run wednesday heroic for socials and alts from 20.00-23.00

Are you an individual who …
… is a loyal guy/gal looking for a long-term home?
… is an analytical player, who constantly assesses your performance to improve?
… is a self-starter and doesn’t need people to hold your hand to get things done?
… is able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it?
… has an outrageously good sense of humour?

Are you interested in a guild that …
… has a diverse and interesting group of people - real people you can actually get to know?
… is able to convey things in fully coherent English?
… tends to appeal to all ages and nationalities?
… is able to have fun during raids? We joke, make fun of each other and still get bosses down.

We know how to have fun, but we also focus when it counts.

If you are interested in joining you can always add;
Battle-net: Déjay#2656

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Hey there,

How can I be considered?

Kind regards

Thanks for the reply hiffi, Just add me on Bnet; Déjay#2656 and we can talk from there on :slight_smile:

push - we still looking for especially good ranged DPS applications

Still activelly recruiting :slight_smile: Esp in need of a hunter, mage and ele sham

Still Actively Recruiting!

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Still looking for a Hunter, mage, Ele sham & Dpriest to strengthen our ranks for shadowlands!

hi there i will be interested , im BM hunter with 5/12 mythic exp and tries on xanesh and 478 ilvl with corruption and back full upgrade plus all BIS essences .
Florin#21149 my real id

Still in high demand of these classes