[A] <Barely Heroic> Recruiting for Season 2

We are a casual heroic raiding guild that likes to balance heroic raiding progression and a fun social environment. While we do care about progressing (i.e. not wiping all night), we are also relaxed and just want to have fun doing it.
When the raids are cleared and enough people are signed we will continue farm raids for tier, trinkets, alts etc. And if we have a full team we have previously attempted mythic for those who want to do so, however this is purely voluntary.

We are currently a bit short on members (especially tanks and a few healers), and while we can manage, we would love to bolster our ranks so if some people are not able to raid we can still go on without any issues - No one will get benched. If you sign up, you’re in.

Raiding is Monday and Thursday, 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Don’t be late and don’t leave early (except for a good reason).

Apply if you want a fun relaxed heroic progression environment where the only expectation is that you carry your own weight and enjoy a bit of banter while progressing.

Currently our progress is:
8/8 Heroic Vault of Incarnates
2/8 Mythic Vault of Incarnates
All Raids cleared before the Curve, for the last 10+ years.

In Game Battletags: Cheisle#2589 or Jarlen#2216

Recruiting for raiding in 10.1. Mainly tanks and healers, all classes and specs welcome. :slight_smile:

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