(A) <Booty Baywatch> recruiting ballers for group 2


Booty Baywatch needs you!

Booty Baywatch is a newly formed guild for Classic. We are a core of friends who have played together for many years including vanilla servers. In our first week of raiding we successfully cleared Molten Core and Onyxia and continue to do so each week. We have started our 2nd raid team and still need some more solid recruits to strengthen our roster.
We raid Tuesday and Thursday 19:00-23:00 (with possible optional sunday Onyxia raid) in group 1 - and Sunday 19:00-23:00 raids in group 2 (with Onyxia on guild collective lockout)

Furthermore, we are recruiting players for our PvP team as we want to be a visible guild on the server’s PvP scene as well.

We are full in every spot for our first team and is therefore looking for people to strengthen our second raid team. Following is recruitment for 2nd team:
Druid - healers (Medium)
Paladin - healers (Medium)
Updated 12/11

All noteworthy applicants are considered regardless of recruitment status

What to expect from us:

  • We are a friendly group of people who enjoy playing together outside the grind and the raiding scene

  • We keep our roster tight. This means that we have a stable and loyal core and we avoid benching.

  • We are serious when we raid and put in the work to acquire the necessary consumables, knowledge, etc. However, we still keep a relaxed atmosphere in the social context of the guild outside raid hours

  • An organized guild run by tentative officers in order of improving the guilds position for future phases

What we expect from you:

  • That you are of friendly nature and want to share this game’s many experiences with others
  • Want to raid for the guild and improve your character through the guilds progress
  • Have the time to farm necessary consumables, gear, etc.
  • Wants to have fun with The Watch :smiley:

We use Loot Council, which is monitored by three officers. The goal is to gear the group collectively in a way that benefits the guild as an entity.

If you want to be a part of The Watch and dance around naked in Booty Bay, then do not hesitate to contact us on our discord:

Alternatively, you are welcome to whisper either Isfar or Skipwoosnum in-game for a talk.


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