[A] Chaos Theory looking for more for our heroic raid team


Chaos Theory is a guild that has been around in its current incarnation since the beginning of Legion. we have managed to form a raid team full of friends whilst managing to be successful at the same time. and we are currently looking for a few members to bolster our ranks moving forward through BFA.

Currently looking for ranged DPS to fill out some spaces in our raid team, currently sitting at 8/8 heroic in uldir and trying to find some people to move forward into the next content patch, our current raiding time is 8pm-10.30pm server and we are raiding on Tuesday and Thursday nights,

All applicants are welcome.

Anyone who is interested should contact either myself or one of the officers via battlenet or in game.

Adardokoth#2746 barry-the sha’tar

Livana#2987 morven-the sha’tar

Nymeria#2446 calitia-the sha’tar

Iowanya#2574 isolda-the sha’tar

ele#21895 elerz-steamwheedle cartel

(system) #2

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