[A] <Chronicle> Argent Dawn - Casual PvE Guild (pushing up to mythic!)

  • Who are we?

Chronicle is a social guild looking to establish an official roster & start raiding. There was an attempt during Uldir, however we had lacking numbers and thus had to halt progression. With the introduction of Dazar’alor, we’d like to give it a full swing and have the greatest time of our lives.
We’re a bunch of friends who like to enjoy the game while also casually progress through the trials that it offers. Some of us also spend leisure time upon other games, or look towards perhaps improving in the game in other aspects - be it M+ or PvP!

  • What are we trying to achieve?

We’d like to have a good laugh and a sense of homeliness in our raids - our goal is to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable. However, that doesn’t mean we will be spoonfeeding you gear through the entire progression - everyone’s expected to at least pull a little bit of their own weight and if they can’t - seek advice from others. We would love to help you if you show genuine interest in improving. Swapblasting people off the edge is approved practice, though it will not be tolerated if it happens too often.

  • Guild Information, Rules & Requirements:

Designated Raid Days: Wednesday & Friday

Designated Hours: 19:30-22:30 RT (realm time)

Designated Progression: We’re clearing through normal first before stepping into heroic, and push into mythic!

Attendance: At the very minimum 50%. Consider Notifying the Queen (Guild Leader) or Rooks (Officers) at least a day prior the designated raid days whether you will be able to attend or not. (This can be overlooked in extreme situations, however we’d still like to be notified whether you will be able to attend or not.)

Raid Buffs: While not all are mandatory, we would like you to have at least 1 buff for the entirety raid, be it food or flask.

Experience: We’d expect you to know how to play your class & be able to perform basic raid mechanics!

Raid Preparations: Even though a raid leader will explain the tactics, you must have watched a video / read about them prior raid. The source from which it comes doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not the in-game dungeon journal.

  • Classes & Specs we’re accepting

Healers : We now have a need for druids to give us the power of the land, or paladins to bestow upon us the faith of the light!
DPS: We now require dedicated demon hunters & warriors (highest prio), alongside warlocks! Shadow priests, hunters (all specs) and rogues are also welcome to apply!

> Contacts

Either /w Luminite or Tarts in-game, send us mail or post here!
Can also add me on battle-tag #Archon2731 in case you don’t see either online!