[A] Demo/Destro Lf partners


Hey guys

I’m a chilled hungarian guy who plays lock main. I have 2.2xp in 2s on 2300-2400mmr and 1.8xp in 3s on 2000mmr in bfa s1 (haven’t played much 3s). I look for long term partners with around same xp to play with in the future. I prefer to play demo since its the spec iv played the most and i know the most about but i can play destro aswell.

What i dont want are people that rage about everything and are not willing to take advices. Since communication is key in pvp id like to play with voice discord, ingame or bnet it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

I work in 3 shifts and those change every week but i have allways off at the weekends.

If you’d like to team up or want more info add me at ShivShank#21240

Cya :slight_smile:


Go play with him, he’s great

(Meridwen) #3

Hello I’d like to have a chat