[A] Devastatingly Average Heroic Raiding Guild - Looking for DPS


Who We are
Devastatingly Average has existed since 2007 and has raided every tier from Lich King to Legion. We are now back after a break and looking to increase our membership to create a raiding environment that is Mature and fun with some progression.

Our Aims
Our objective is to gain curve every raiding tier so normal and heroic. Once complete we would be looking to repeat with alts and keep raiding every week. We are trying to build a small close knit team that works for one another ideally a roster of about 18-20 players with raiding team of around 15.

When do we raid?
Our Raid times are currently set to:

Tues 2000 – 2245 Raid starts at 2015 Server Time

Thurs 2000 – 2245 Raid starts at 2015 Server Time

What do we Need?
We have many players with flexibility so we are considering all classes and specs as both normal and heroic content have flexible raid sizes we feel we can accommodate almost all although we do already have a few Hunters. Willingness to learn and having the right attitude is far more important than high level gear or bags of experience although these do help. We also accept all socials of any class skill or level. We only accept players over the age of 21

About Us
The guild formed in 2007 and began raiding in the early part of Lich King. At one point we were ranked 5 on Bronzebeard EU. We moved to Silvermoon and now take a more laid back approach, raiding only 2 nights per week. We try to promote having fun with no drama and some progression. We have experienced leadership in place including raid lead and have a solid core of about 8-9 active skilled and flexible players and need a few more to add to the team. We are also looking to increase our social base to increase guild activity.

If you have any questions please just ask and we will try to help

Contact Us
Guild Leader: Valdorn#21242 on battlenet for a chat or post on this thread.


We are now in a position to begin raiding - Still looking to add some DPS to the team. All classes and specs considered. Willing to work with new players and those that lack experience. Just looking for people with a good attitude and team spirit

Add me Valdorn#21242 or /w in game


First Raid with new team 6/8 Normal looking to establish a core team to start from day 1 in 8.1. Still in need of some more DPS and possibly a backup tank.


Hello do you guys accept returning players that haven’t been around for a while too?


Yes we do - feel free to contact me for a chat in game or add me Valdorn#21242


In need of an active and vocal tank to become a mainstay of the team. All Classes considered. Partnering an experienced DK.

Still need a few more DPS ranged preferred but all considered.

Mature 21+ fun raids - Normal and Heroic


Still looking for a few more players to pad out the roster as we move towards the new raid release in January.

All roles considered though healers and hunters pretty full.


Hello Silvermoon,

Still looking for a few more DPS to fill out the Team. OS tank or Healing would be a massive plus as backups to MT and healers.

Considering all gear levels and Experience levels - Fun and Friendly place to be for raids

Valdorn#21242 for a chat


Still in need of some additional DPS all claseses and specs considered.

Progess now 5/8 Heroic
Valdorn#21242 for a chat


We still need a couple of DPS to complete the roster. All spec considered. Could also consider a Tank with DPS OS.

Add Valdorn#21242 for more information

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