🇪🇺 [A] <Dishonored> - Pyrewood Village (PvE) - Semi-Hardcore



Dishonored is recruiting dedicated raiders for our raiding team in Classic WoW.

:arrow_down: About Us:

  • We are a guild of Classic WoW enthusiasts who strive into clearing all raid content and building close bonds together.
  • Our main goal is to progress through all raid content with a semi-hardcore mindset.
  • Having a friendly and mature community is crucial to us.

:arrow_down: What We Provide:

  • Dungeon and leveling groups.
  • Serious, efficient and fun raid environment with low downtime lead by experienced raid-leaders and WoW veterans.
  • A healthy guild in a competitive environment with ongoing recruitment.
  • A friendly and fun community.

:arrow_down: What Are We Looking For:

  • Good and stable raiders with high attendance for our raid nights.
  • A person who understands that their performance, attendance and attitude reflects directly on them.
  • Dedicated and friendly enthusiastic players, who are willing to help other members of the guild.

Note: Applications are mandatory to enter the guild’s raid-roster!

  • We have set rules to ensure quality, efficiency and stability to our guild & raid roster!
  • Players who want to join as socials need to know someone from the guild prior to joining.

:arrow_down: Raiding Information:

  • Wednesday 19.00 - 23.00 & Sunday 19.00 - 23.00 Server Time (CEST)
  • Loot will be handled via Loot Council.
  • Raiding with required consumables, enchants, required addons, key-bindings and some macros is mandatory.

The recruitment is always open for all classes no matter the demand, your application will always be read and considered but you may or may not have a harder time joining depending on the demand for the class you’re applying for and the quality of your application.

We’re currently on High Demand for : Paladins

Visit us at : http://dishonored.xyz