(A) DK/DH/X lf healer for glad push 3s

Hi there,

Me (2.3-2.4Kxp) and dk friend (2.4-2.5Kxp) are looking for a chill healer to push glad with in 3s. We use discord, we are looking for an english speaking healer (class don’t matter).

We are currently 1.8K on our alts, with mains around 2.1k-2.4kcr atm.

We’d like to play havoc DH / frost DK / healer.

We don’t care about losing/winning, we just want to have fun with a ded healer in 3s. Don’t matter if it takes 200 or 2000 wins to get glad :).
As long as you are up for practise, can play almost daily and learn out of your mistakes. We’re good to go. No flaming, just chill and fun :smiley: !

my bnet: gregofc#2633
his bnet: george#24824