(A) Doomhammer - Priest looking for her place


Hello! I’m looking for a guild do to M+ runs with, and some raiding if any last minute healers are needed. I’m free on most night, tho I am a student so occasionally I might have to skip a night, which is why I’m mostly interested in social guilds that run M+. My main is a Holy/Disco priest, recently started trying out shadow (currently 389 ilv), and I have a warlock and DH (mainly tank) alts that I can easily gear up if needed. Been playing for around 11 years now, but I haven’t been a hardcore raider since MoP, and took a break during WoD till the last patch of Legion. If anyone’s interested, or wants to ask me any questions, feel free to add me on Battlenet (Patricide#2791) or whisper me in-game, would love hearing from you! <3